Zephyr Teachout – Democratic Primary petitions

I am committed to doing whatever I can to bring about change in Albany in November (as long as it is legal and ethical) and I would very much like to see a Democratic Primary between Zephyr Teachout and Andrew Cuomo take place.

If you are a registered Democrat who is concerned about Common Core and how it is affecting the children of New York, please participate in collecting petitions so that Zephyr can participate in the primary. The Primary Petitions must be returned by July 5, 2014.

If we want to expand the conversation on education, by putting up a challenge to Cuomo, there is nothing more helpful than Zephyr’s decision to run. A signature for Zehpyr Teachout to primary doesn’t mean that you will vote for her, just that you want to see the conversation about what is possible take place in the political domain. In order to collect signatures you must be a registered Democrat and you should witness signatures of only registered Democrats. All of the forms are available on her site here .

I am dreaming of an election in November where the children do not have to be a factor in the election because Common Core is not at stake (both Zephyr and Rob Astorino seem to be opposed to Common Core and are promising to get rid of it if elected). Then the election could be focused on other issues important to the voters in New York not how can we protect our children! Check out Zephyr’s stand on a variety of issues here¬†and Rob’s here .