Will you act to help Ulster County support the repeal of Common Core?

As residents of Ulster County, we have an exciting opportunity in the upcoming month.  We have the opportunity to come together in discussion of Common Core and its impact on our children and our schools and then ask our Ulster County legislature to move Resolution No. 350 in support of ending the implementation of Common Core in New York State.

This will not be easy or a trivial undertaking but I believe our children are worth it and we can do it!

Ulster County legislator Craig Lopez has drafted Resolution No. 350 in support of the New York State assembly and senate bills to end the implementation of Common core – read the current version of the resolution here – and will reintroduce the resolution to the Legislative Programs, Education and Community Services committee on November 5, 2014 before the resolution comes to the floor to be voted on by the full Ulster County legislature on November 18, 2014.  UPDATE 11/6/14:  Resolution No. 350 passed the committee and will be going to the full Ulster County legislature for a vote on November 18!

Kingston Action For Education co-founders and members Tory Lowe, Maria Maritsas, myself (Jolyn Safron) and Madeline Hoetger spoke about a number of concerns related to Common Core before the Ulster County legislature at the monthly session on Tuesday October 21, 2014.  Now we need you, the Ulster County community, to communicate with the members of the Legislative Programs committee and your county legislators regarding your personal concerns and stories related to the impact Common Core has had in Ulster County.  A few people will not be able to take the Common Core problem on alone.  The county will need to come together to make a stand against Common Core.  Just imagine if we can light the way for the rest of New York State to create similar resolutions and have a ground-swell coming to the state legislature that Common Core does indeed need to be repealed!

Here are some suggestions of what you can do:

  • E-mail your county legislator today with a brief description of why you are concerned about Common Core.
  • Adjust your calendar and plan to attend the legislative session on November 18, 2014 and speak during public comment or if you can not possibly speak before a group of people, at least be present to lend your support to those who are speaking.
  • Call your county legislator next week with another concern (if you have more than one).
  • Make an appointment for the following week (or switch the activities around if that works better – or do two weeks of e-mails – just make contacts).
  • Keep the communication informative and respectful.  Our legislators are residents of Ulster County just like we are and want the best for all of the residents of the county including our children.

No Common Core words

Here is a list of the Ulster County legislators with their contact information.

Here is contact information specifically for the members of the Legislative Programs, Education and Community Services committee:

Past discussion of Resolution No. 350 here, here and here.

One thought on “Will you act to help Ulster County support the repeal of Common Core?”

  1. Parents need to know how their children actually scored on the high stakes common core exams. When they see their children’s scores they will be outraged. When they realize their teachers don’t even have data to help their students improve this year they will be concerned. The results have been out in aggregate since August but parents have not yet seen the results for their own child.

    At Crosby less than 15 percent are passing with 3 and 4’s in ELA and Math. This is less than 1 in 5 passing. At Miller and Bailey less than 25 percent are passing with 3 and 4’s in either ELA and Math. This is less than 1 in 4 passing. How can anyone say common core is working. These tests are awful. If the top math student in Algebra have Regents grades from 90-95 but their common core grades are from 74-82 something is terribly wrong. Every child needs Algebra to graduate.

    We need an open discussion on Common Core about every aspect. The implementation has been terrible, The assessments and tests are terrible, the engage new york modules are awful, and our homemade core investigations the little that I have been allowed to see are borderline. The worksheet…..worksheet……black and white…….. worksheet…… did I say worksheet method of teaching is so sub-par I don’t know how our teachers are doing it. My heart goes out to them each day. They are not good following a script……. they are not ACTORS they have to be improvisational TEACHERS every day.

    Please start an open dialogue on this forum. All the data, statistics, articles have little use unless people start having the courage to open their mouths and discuss what is really happening to our children. I applaud the children and parents who opted out. But the children who took these tests and are FAILING MISERABLY someone need to speak out for them…….did I say SCREAM out for them.

    If I vote for the people who are willing to stop common core, our children may not have clean water to drink when they are older. My vote this year is stop common core or stop fracking? How do I choose? I feel like chicken little for our elementary school kids. Five years ago it was close 1 neighborhood school no NEVER close 2 neighborhood schools NEVER …..WE CLOSED 4. Extend the middle school day…… NEVER….. We STOPPED it…… only…. temporarily. Over an hour bus rides…… NEVER….. now the bus rides are and hour and fifteen minutes for some and an hour and a half for other. TWO and THREE Hour commutes for kids…… Now the threat is elementary school kids going to school as early as high schoolers….. never….Onteora….Rondout…. New Paltz and soon KINGSTON….guess what if they will change start times…..the next thing is County Wide school districts….. the plan is to redraw the lines…… ask Kevin Cahill. There is a plan. My youngest son has to be at school at 7:45 for Tiger Ball and Basketball intramurals. They are testing our priorities……ask Glen Maisch our Athletic Director. All athletes will be having practices before and after school and we think our high schoolers get home from away games or play practices or band practices now……just wait to see what will happen when highschoolers start later. Onteora’a athletic director says it is SPORTS SUICIDE. Onteora plays varsity football with us, Rondout swims with us, New Paltz does gymnastics with us….. There will be less sports opportunities in Ulster County. We do not have modified football at Miller or Bailey, can Kingston kids go to Onteora for modified football?…… doubt it. We do for flag football.

    Please support Kingston Action For Education……let’s have a real dialogue with hundreds of parents about thousands of children in Kingston and Ulster County. We must not be complacent. I am telling you “THE SKY IS FALLING…… please lets really analyze COMMON CORE and the HIGH STAKE TESTS and the TEST RESULTS…. They are not getting better….. THE SKY IS STILL FALLING!!!!!! and our children’s education is in danger.


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