Why vote on May 20, 2014?

The three candidates who are elected to the Kingston BOE (Board of Education) will be making decisions on behalf of the Kingston community for the next 3 years.

The winning candidates will:

  • be responsible for a yearly budget of approximately $150 million
  • set policy regarding the role that parents will have within the school system
  • make decisions guiding the curriculum and instruction that students receive
  • likely to be asked to make decisions regarding teacher and staff contracts (unless the contracts are resolved before July when the new trustees take office).
  • be able to have a voice in how much input teachers have regarding curriculum and instruction within the district.

It is vitally important that you make sure the candidates elected are who you want representing YOU on the board of education.

Campaign Business Card

Please vote for me, Jolyn Safron, as YOUR representative on the Kingston City School District Board of Education on May 20, 2014.