Make a call

Who will be the next Board of Regents Chancellor?

Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch announced in December that she will retire from the Board of Regents when her current term ends in March 2016.  Vice chancellor Anthony Bottar is also not seeking re-election.

NYSAPE announced support for Regent Betty Rosa as the next Chancellor and Regent Beverly Ouderkirk as Vice chancellor.  NYSAPE is also calling for the Board of Regents vote to select the next Chancellor to be delayed until April after new Regents are selected for the seats to be filled this year.

We are calling on the Board of Regents to postpone the elections for the offices of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor vote until April, when the two open seats are filled with new Regents. The current plan calls for a vote in March (as per the Board’s bylaws), but we believe that it makes very little sense for two outgoing Regents to vote for the next leaders of the Board they will no longer be serving on. – NYSAPE January 15, 2016

Please contact your legislators* and Board of Regents member to voice your thoughts regarding who you would like to see selected as the next Board of Regents Chancellor and Vice Chancellor and to request that the selection be delayed until April.

Your voice matters


*Note that legislators do not select the Board of Regents Chancellor but they, at minimum, have their individual opinion which they should be expressing to the members of the Board of Regents.  Also as legislators I am sure they have more ‘voice’ than the average citizen here in Kingston, New York and they should be using that voice to make the desires of their constituents known to the Regents.