Ulster County primaries today – go vote!

If you are registered in a political party, today is the primary. Please go out and vote. EVERY vote counts!  
UPDATE 9/11/15 – Report on the results of the primaries herehere and here
The last Mayoral election for the City of Kingston was decided by fewer than 10 votes. There are primaries for mayor, alderman-at-large, and several of the Common Council wards in Kingston. There are also primaries for several of the Ulster county legislative seats.
You can make a difference!
Polls are open from Noon to 9pm.
Your voice matters

If you are short on time, stop reading and go vote!

Otherwise read on.

You might wonder why I am posting about town and county voting on an education blog but who we have in our local elected offices does make a difference to education.  The local elected officials might not have direct control over education but they can have an impact on what happens in our schools.

Several education-related questions came up in the Mayoral debate two weeks ago and whatever actions are taken regarding the Building a Better Broadway plan will have a big impact on Kingston High School.

The Ulster County legislature passed a unanimous resolution last November urging the New York State legislature to work to stop Common Core.  With this resolution ALL of the county legislators, both Republican and Democratic, acknowledged the adverse impact that Common Core is having on our children and our schools and took action for the voice of Ulster County to be heard.  Press release – Ulster County Legislators Voice Opposition to Federal Common Core Initiative

As you vote, please consider who will best support and continue to protect the children of our school district and our county.