Stop Common Core Our Children Deserve Better

U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson still supporting rollback of Common Core

I am very excited to see that rollback of Common Core is included in U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson’s priorities for this coming Congressional year:

‘Education policy that empowers local school districts, teachers, administrators, parents, and students by rolling back Common Core and makes necessary investments;’

No Common Core words

Since I happen to like the job Congressman Gibson is doing in office, I am not so excited that he won’t be running for re-election to the U.S. Congress after the current term but I knew it was coming either this term or next (knew he had set self-imposed term limits on his position). This article from the Kingston Times talks about that part of his announcement if you are interested.

Jolyn with U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson
Jolyn with U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson