U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson and Common Core

For anyone who thinks Congressman Chris Gibson might just be ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ with the current dislike of Common Core because it is election time, check out this article from November 2013.

Congressman Chris Gibson says it’s a byproduct of too much federal involvement in the setting of education standards. He says there are too many unfunded mandates coming out of Washington and that the federal government should be setting goals, not standards.

“The concept that we embraced for education was competition. Now competition in economic life is a good thing. Competition on the athletic field is a good thing, but this is the wrong concept for education. We should be embracing equal opportunity,” Gibson said.

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Come hear Congressman Gibson’s thoughts on Common Core and other issues at the debate with Sean Eldridge at Miller Middle School tonight October 6, 2014 at 7pm.

Here is a more recent post (July 2014) that verifies Congressman Gibson’s views have not changed.  Regarding the new StopCommonCore party, Congressman Gibson is not on the ballot line because the new party is a state-level party and he is in a federal position as U.S. Congressman representing New York’s 19th District.

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  1. I just received a flyer in my mailbox that states that Chris Gibson was one of only three members of Congress awarded an “A” grade by the NEA for his education work in Congress. Obviously they are not common core friendly or his grade would have been a “4” exceeds the standards. The flyer also says that Education leaders agree that Congressman Chris Gibson is the right choice to respresent us in Washington. That’s why he has been recommended by the National Education Association and the New York State United Teachers. Educators support Chris Gibson because Chris Gibson supports educators.

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