Today is the day to change the world!

Another Kingston parent just posted this on facebook and gave me permission to share. Our kids need to understand what is happening today and this is perfect!

If you are on the fence, or if you are not, today is the last day that you can walk your child into school with a letter of refusal. It doesn’t have to say much, it just has to state your child’s intention to REFUSE. In Kingston Schools they will be given an alternate location in which to read, so send them with a book (or three – it’s a LONG test!)

Tell your child how proud you are that they are part of this movement. That they are being part of the change. Tell them you love them. And send them off to make a difference!

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One thought on “Today is the day to change the world!”

  1. Thank you for understanding how hard this may be for some parents and children. I am studying civil disobedience to help empower me to encourage my children to stand up for what they believe in. My third grader does not want to take a 1 1/2 hr test and my seventh grader does not want to be in a testing room for 3 hrs. My husband and I believe in public education. We believe in parents and children’s right to choice and acknowledge that each child is unique and an individual. We are concerned about New York’s and the United States education reform. We definitely want it to improve however change must be developmentally appropriate at every level. Thank you for your education blog. We appreciate your dedication to this important issue “Our Children”.

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