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KCSD students win NASA HUNCH Challenge

Two juniors from the Kingston City School District won the national NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge last week.

Lauren Hoetger and Sara Freer, students in the Culinary Arts program at Ulster BOCES, competed against nine other teams from around the country last week in Houston Texas.  Their winning dessert Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp will now be served to the astronauts on the International Space Station.  Way to go Lauren and Sara!  Also congratulations to Lauren and Sara’s third team member junior Angelina Violente from the Wallkill Central School District.

For the NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge,  part of the NASA HUNCH program, the Ulster BOCES team researched what can and can’t be used in food to be eaten in space.  Did you know that bread can not be eaten in space because bread dries out in a vacuum and the crumbs can get everywhere plus it burns easily?  Also all water in space is hot (water boils in a vacuum) unless it is refrigerated.  Nutritional requirements are also different for astronauts in space.  It was truly a challenge for the culinary teams to develop a recipe that works in space.  Now a recipe created by students from the Kingston City School District will be eaten by astronauts from around the world.

Culinary Students Win NASA Hunch Challenge