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Effective IEP Meetings?

Many parents tell what a struggle it is to get the services they need for their special education student with an IEP (Individual Education Program or Individual Education Plan) or even to get the IEP in the first place.  Alice Wellborn is a retired school psychologist whose columns I have been reading for quite awhile.  She shared a link on her facebook page No More Parents Left Behind today with Tips & Tricks for Getting an Effective IEP .  If you are a parent of a student with an IEP, have you tried any of these tips?  Are there any new tips listed that you can try for your next IEP meeting?

Specifically for Kingston parents, if you need someone to go to the IEP meeting with you (you should always take someone and having an advocate who is trained in all the laws and lingo is best), you can contact RCAL, Resource Center for Accessible Living (845) 331-0541, to request an advocate to attend the meeting with you.