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Highlights from KCSD Board of Education meeting – September 3, 2014

Here are highlights from the KCSD Board of Education meeting this evening.

Mr. Gerald Celente and several people he brought with him spoke during public comment about his bid to purchase the Cioni building and convert it to boutique apartments. Board President Mrs. Scherer stated that the Cioni building was not on the meeting agenda and that the board lawyer was looking into the triple-net lease issue and a report was expected at the October BOE meeting.

Class size concerns were raised during public comment as several schools saw large classes (27-28 students) on the first day of school. Dr. Padalino reported in the superintendent’s report that the average class size across the district is: kindergarten – 19 students, grade 1 – 22 students, grade 2 – 22 students, grade 3 – 22 students, grade 4 – 22.5 students. There are bubbles in some buildings and after registrations/withdrawals settle down (about a week into school), administration will look at where adjustments need to be made – possibly adding aides or new sections. There are 124 elementary sections grades K-4 in the district and only 10 have over 24 students.  Dr. Padalino also told that board that special permissions is one of the practices he would like to talk about this year with the intention of getting rid of it as it is ‘a nightmare’ and causes problems with class size.

A parent spoke during public comment about their special education student who had been successfully mainstreamed last year and benefited from instrumental and vocal music ensembles.  However upon moving up to Bailey and getting the 5th grade schedule last week, there was no ensemble music included in the schedule even though the student had indicated a desire to continue at the end of last year.  When inquiries were made, the family was told that inclusion students can not participate in music ensembles at Bailey because they conflict with the reteach period.  This denial of an opportunity to participate in music ensembles is unfair at best, discriminatory at worst and needs to be addressed.

Dr. Padalino reported that the JFK playground is delayed while the city makes an environmental report.  Once this part of the process is complete, the district is ready to move forward and the contractors can build the playground in about a week.  The hope is that the playground will be up before it snows.

Dr. Jacobowitz asked about KALP for this school year and an organization chart for the administration. Dr. Padalino said he could give a KALP report at the next board meeting and a presentation with the organization chart for administration could be posted on the district website.

5 boys from Rondout Valley Central School District will be merged with the Kingston boys swim & diving team for this school year.  UPDATE 9/4/14:  article with details about the swim/diving team merger as well as a gymnastics merger approved a few weeks ago from the Daily Freeman.  This article reports on how the Kingston football team is doing including the Onteora students who merged with the Kingston team.

The School Comprehensive Education Plans and the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan were approved by the BOE and are available on the district website – here.

Board goals from the agenda with the addition of a goal to hold a referendum for a new capital fund (current fund has been depleted) were approved.

A resolution to hire a professional trainer service for the district was passed as new business.

Future meetings:

  • Next BOE meeting – September 17, 2014 at Myer Elementary school.
  • Coffee & Conversation – September 10, 2014 8am at Dominick’s Dreamweaver Cafe. Dr. Padalino and board member Jim Shaughnessey will host.
  • BOE Audit & Finance Committee meeting – Tuesday September 28, 2014
  • BOE Curriculum & Instruction Committee meeting – Thursday September 18, 2014 9:30-11am

KCSD Board of Education meeting tonight – September 3, 2014

The Kingston City School District board of education will be meeting tonight at Crown Street.  Public comment is expected to begin at 7pm.  The agenda is posted on the district website.

The Superintendent’s Report portion of the agenda includes Back to School and an update on the JFK playground.  Dr. Padalino said at the last meeting that the JFK playground is currently behind schedule and updates would occur at each meeting until the playground was complete.

There are a number of approvals of professional appointments/salaries including summer positions as well as approval of the School Comprehensive Education Plan and the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan on the agenda.

A resolution to allow students from the Rondout Valley Central School District Boy’s Swim & Diving Team to participate on the Kingston team as a merged team for this school year will be voted on tonight.

Policies 2250 Committees of the Board, 4321 Programs for Students with Disabilities under the IDEA and New York’s Education Law Article 89, 4327 Homebound Instruction and 5420 Student Health Services will have a second reading.

Board goals for the coming year will also be discussed.  Some of the proposed goals that might be of particular interest to parents include:

  • Engage BOE and the public in 2015 budget process early in the cycle
  • Conduct a search for a member of the public to be appointed to the A&F committee
  • Instruct superintendent to implement an optional extended day pilot program
  • Instruct superintendent to investigate opportunities for expanding PreK (longer day or more students)
  • Note that there are 10 goals total – check the agenda for the full list

Hope to see you at the board meeting tonight.

Kingston Board of Education meeting – June 18, 2014

The Kingston Board of Education meeting is tomorrow Wednesday June 18, 2014 at Bailey Middle School.  Principal Julie Linton will do a welcome after roll call at 6pm and then the board will go into executive session.  The agenda does not list an expected time for public comment but it generally is 7pm.

The agenda is available here.

The architects are to present the final designs for the Kingston High School Capital project (the designs that will be submitted for New York State approval for the project later this summer).

I am wondering when the new Kingston High School principal will be announced?  Dr. Manuel is basically done now (working both in D.C. and here this month) and totally done in Kingston the end of June.  KHS students have left the building other than for regents and the ‘make-up’ half day of school on June 26 (assuming kids actually come in) so they will not meet the new principal until September and parents are pretty much done as well.  As president of the KHS Parents Association, I had hoped for the opportunity for some sort of transition from one principal to the next.

The superintendent’s report also includes:

  • Report Card Committee
  • Middle School Schedules
  • Real Estate Update

BOE92 to merge the Onteora and Kingston football teams for 2014/2015 caught my attention in light of a comment made by Assemblyman Kevin Cahill today at Common Sense Education Lobby Day that Onteora was going to only have 1 school/campus very soon (this was new news to the Onteora parents who were meeting with Assemblyman Cahill along with Kingston parents as part of the lobby day).

Updates to 2 policies will have their first reading:

  • Policy 5150 School Admissions
  • Policy 5420 Student Health Services