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Financial Aid Night for KHS Parents of Seniors – Thursday October 29, 2015

College Application Week is taking place this week at Kingston High School.  Events during the week provide seniors with help in navigating the college admission process.  Events have been announced on the district website and to students via KHS-TV.

Tomorrow Thursday October 29, 2015 at 6pm in the KHS Auditorium, parents are invited to attend a Financial Aid/FAFSA presentation presented by SUNY Ulster’s Director of Financial Aid, Chris Chang.


Crocodile Tears

“At 6 p.m. on a Thursday night, I come home from a meeting, my phone rings, and it’s Merryl Tisch,” Ms. De Vito said. “She said, ‘I received your letter,’ and she said, ‘It made me want to cry.’”

This is quoted from this NY Times Article that describes the new regulation to allow SPED students to apply for a waiver if they have taken a Regents exam twice and failed it with a 52 to 54.

Click here to read the rest of the post from One Mom’s Journey Through Education Reform.

The Regents tests and Common Core are failing our kids and actually increasing the number of students who do not graduate.  Crocodile tears and minor changes are not what is needed.

As Christine writes (I actually know the blogger from One Mom’s Journey Through Education Reform – she is an amazing advocate for changes needed regarding high school graduation requirements and the Regents tests and not just for special education students but for all students):

Tisch is throwing away a generation of New York State citizens with the punitive graduation requirements approved under her tenure.  It is time for a reinstatement of multiple pathways to a meaningful local diploma and end to high stakes testing as the sole path to a New York State High School diploma.


Cultural Competency

Matters Helping All Parents, the new monthly program from the Mental Health Association in Ulster County, Inc., has focused on Cultural Competency for the month of October.

Cultural competence consists of knowledge and interpersonal skills that help people better understand, appreciate and work with individuals from cultures other than their own.  Culture does not just refer to nationality.  It can refer to ethnicity, nationality, language, religion and many other factors.

Cultural Competency Week 1 included tips for parents in addressing cultural issues with our children.

Cultural Competency Week 2 focused on common misconceptions about cultural competency/diversity issues.

Cultural Competency Week 3, which is this week, asks parents to share success stories navigating cultural competency with our child/ren.  You can read and respond on the MHA website or on the MHA facebook page.



Matters Helping All Parents

The Mental Health Association in Ulster County (MHA in Ulster County) kicked off a year-long program Matters Helping All Parents in August 2015.

This program will feature a different topic each month with a new post each week providing information to help parents be successful as well as opportunities for parents to discuss the information and/or share experiences regarding the particular topic.  One of the most exciting aspects of this program for me personally is that the information is not just for parents of younger children – parents of middle school and high school students will find much information to help them with understanding their kids and figuring out how to successfully parent through the challenging teen years.

The topic for August was Matters Helping All Parents:  School Achievement and here is a peek at the first week’s post:

At MHA we believe that all parents want to be successful.  Over the next year we want to share information and support on topics important to you and your child.  We begin with school achievement.

A number of factors can influence your child’s school achievement.  Here are some resources we think can help navigate common concerns.

(1) School Stress – Helping to Overcome Elementary Anxiety: here

(2) School Phobia/School Avoidance/School Refusal: A handout for Parents:http://www.adlit.org/article/5907/?theme=print, or here

(3) School Avoidance in Teens: http://teenology101.seattlechildrens.org/school-avoidance-in-teens/, or here

The post for School Achievement Week 2 included information regarding the legal aspects of school attendance and a discussion of school refusal and truancy.

School Achievement Week 3 gave parents the opportunity to share success stories of dealing with school avoidance.  If you have worked through this challenging area, please share your story to help other parents who might be dealing with similar challenges.

School Achievement Week 4 focused on helping to reduce your child’s school stress.

MHA introduced the topic Matters Helping All Parents: Understanding Child/Adolescent Development in September with some videos regarding the psychology of child and adolescent development in week 1, development charts in week 2,  the opportunity to share success stories in week 3 and age-specific (infant through age 17) positive parenting tips in week 4.

Matters Helping All Parents information can be found on the MHA website, the MHA facebook page or by searching #MHAParents



HOPE 2015 – Helping Others Protect Everyone

HOPE 2015 CANCELED as of 11/10/15 – details here

Save the date!

 HOPE 2015

Helping Others Protect Everyone

Ways to resolve conflict and improve relationships in our homes and communities

Saturday November 14, 2015  9am-Noon

Kingston High School

 Workshops will address the different ways conflict, including bullying, manifest itself in family relationships, friend relationships and dating relationships.  A variety of workshops will be available for elementary, middle school and high school students as well as for parents and community members.

HOPE 2015 Save the date flyer 6 8 15

Building a Better Broadway committee responds to public comments

I received notification today that the Technical Advisory Committee for the Building a Better Broadway project met yesterday and proposed modifications to the plan with the intent to address the concerns raised during the public comment period.

Come to the BOE meeting tonight and hear about the proposed revisions.

Hi Jolyn,

I wanted to alert you ( and other parents) on the Building a Better Broadway draft plan.  The Technical Advisory Committee met with the consultants and UC Planning officials yesterday, and agreed on major changes to the draft plan.  Dr. Paladino was in attendance also.

I  wanted to give you a heads-up before the Board meeting since people using the existing online documents will be commenting on an outdated version of the draft plan.  I’d hate to see parents basing their comments on a version of the plan that no longer exists;  I believe they would be better served by listening to the presentation on these proposed changes from the consultants, County and City officials, and responding at the second comment period, or by contacting the Superintendent or the County Planning Department after the meeting.  I think  the revisions address many of the concerns that you and other parents have expressed previously.

In brief ,the revised draft calls for a phased approach where the first phase, with all the signals, sidewalk improvements and pedestrian safety features featured  in the previous plan would be done first, along the whole Broadway corridor (tenders for this work are planned to be issued in  September 2016, with work potentially starting in spring of 2017).  Also in phase one,  the bike lane as proposed in the old draft would be developed from Liberty St. to O’Reilly Street and end there.   At that point shared lane markings (“sharrows”), would be painted on the streets  to  direct  bike riders onto O’Reilly St., Hasbrouck Ave. and Jansen Ave. to connect with the Kingston Point Rail Trail.  Parking in front of KHS would not be affected.

The second phase would implement the bike lane from O’Reilly to East Chester St. when the following conditions are met: 1)the KHS main entrance has been relocated to the center of campus (which the Superintendent said is planned for the fall of 2018); and 2) the City addresses parking issues in a wider scope than just Broadway.

So essentially, the parking/drop-off area will remain as it is and there will initially be a bike lane that ends one block west of KHS.  I should also mention that engineering changes have been agreed that will retain most (but not all) of the parking spaces opposite Dallas Hot Wieners.


Attend Board of Education Meeting 9/16/15

The Kingston Board of Education will hear two presentations of potential interest to parents at the meeting tomorrow Wednesday September 16, 2015 7pm at the Cioni Building.

I encourage parents to attend and hear more about both of these projects.

View the full board of education meeting agenda here and the new Annotated Board Calendar here.


News for Kingston High School Parents

If you are a parent/guardian of a student at Kingston High School and are not part of the Kingston High School Parents Association, please consider joining.

Fill out the form below and you will be added to the KHS PA distribution list.  Include your name and email address as well as your KHS student’s name and grade in the comments section of the form.


The following e-mail was sent out to KHS PA members today:

Dear Kingston High School Parents Association members,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

The KHS PA exists to support parent involvement and communication between school and home.  You will receive occasional emails (several today but generally only one or two a week) with information that we hope you find useful.  You are also invited to come and chat with other parents at the KHS PA meetings.

The first KHS PA meeting is Thursday October 22, 2015 6:30pm at Kingston High School.

Also mark your calendars for HOPE 2015 hosted by the KHS PA on November 14, 2015.  The Helping Others Protect Everyone conference is for parents and students in grades K-12 and will focus on ways to resolve conflicts and improve relationships in our homes and communities.

HOPE 2015 Save the date flyer 6 8 15

Upcoming dates/events for KHS PA members :

  • KCSD Board of Education meeting September 16  7pm Cioni building – presentations on KHS Capital Project and Building a Better Broadway plan
  • College Night Tuesday September 29  6pm – 7:30pm KHS Field House
  • KHS Open House Thursday October 1  6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • KHS Homecoming Parade and Football Game Friday October 2 5pm
  • SAT (old format) Saturday October 3  KHS register at www.collegeboard.com
  • PSAT (new format) Wednesday October 14  KHS 11th graders ONLY
  • KHS PA monthly meeting Thursday October 22  6:30pm KHS room 107
  • SAT (old format) Saturday November 7  KHS register at www.collegeboard.com
  • HOPE 2015 conference (flyer attached) Saturday November 14, 2015 9am – Noon KHS
  • ACT Saturday December 12  KHS register at www.actstudent.org

KHS Construction :  An article on the district website details access to KHS for students, teachers and visitors starting today as well as traffic patterns during construction.

KHS TV Announcements :  If your student is not able to hear the daily announcements in class or if you want to know what is in the announcements, printed copies of the announcements are available in the guidance office.  The announcements are also posted each day on the school webpage under KHS-TV Announcements in the left sidebar.

Last week the KHS students saw an interview with KHS 10th grader Alexina Chasin who participated in the teen Chopped competition on the Food Network.  Here is the KHS-TV video and here is a newspaper article about her participation.  You can also find an article about Alexina on the school district website.  Watch Alexina in the second level of competition tonight!

If you are aware of any information that other parents would find helpful, please contact Jolyn Safron, KHS PA President so the information can be shared with KHS PA members.  Also if you have any questions or things you are wondering about, send a note to Jolyn.

Here’s to a great year for our students at KHS!

Jolyn Safron, KHS PA President