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Hudson Valley Pathways Academy

P-tech is just one of the interesting educational options for students in Ulster County. If you have a student in the middle school in the Kingston City School District, be sure to check out the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy. 12 students from Kingston are enrolled in the freshman class each year.

The mission of the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy (HVPA), a small publicly funded secondary school on Mary’s Avenue in Kingston, is to graduate students with both technical knowledge and real-world skills. In a world as rapidly changing as ours, that’s no small ambition.

KHS Regents Exams

The KHS Parents Association will sponsor an informational session for both parents and students to access and trade review materials for  upcoming Regents exams tomorrow Saturday May 6, 2017 from 9am to Noon in the Carnegie building.

The session allow students to swap used study tools for new, needed material and learn about helpful websites, review books or teacher review materials to help prepare for June exams.

Regents exams begin on June 13, 2017 and KHS students will not attend school from June 13 – June 23 unless they have a Regents exam scheduled.  Click here to see which Regents exams are scheduled on the various dates.

Remember that, unlike the NYS Standardized Tests in grades 3-8, the Regents exams must be passed in order for students to graduate from high school.

Ulster County Community Forum on the Opioid and Heroin Crisis

From the Kingston City School District website:

Parents and educators are encouraged to attend a countywide community event focused on the local opioid and heroin crisis. The event will be held at the Ulster BOCES Conference Center in New Paltz on Thursday, April 28 from 6-8 PM.

The event will introduce parents and educators to the realities of the local epidemic and provide tools necessary to help prevent abuse, recognize its signs, understand the consequences (from both the health and legal perspectives), get help, and find support to cope with an abuse problem or loss of a loved one.

Why Parents Need to Attend:
Deaths caused by opioid drugs, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and heroin, are on a rapid rise across the nation. Locally, the epidemic is hitting hard in Ulster County, leaving families and communities devastated by the loss of loved ones and questioning, “How can this happen here?”
It’s important to understand that most addictions begin in the home. Those sleeping pills and pain killers that were prescribed for legitimate reasons and those over-the-counter cold drugs that seem to be sitting harmlessly on medicine cabinet shelves often open the gates to a heroin addiction.
And the abuse can start early, at age 12 or 13 for some children, as reported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, although locally the data suggests highest risk is between ages 18-23.
“The more parents know, the more they can protect their children,” advises Wallkill Central School District Superintendent Kevin Castle. “We want to be proactive and make parents aware of the dangers and signs now so they can discuss this with their children and equip them with the tools needed to make appropriate decisions as young adults.”
About the Event:
A panel of experts from across the county will share information and answer questions. Representatives from various community organizations and agencies will be set up at tables throughout the room with additional resources.
The event is being coordinated by the Ulster County Interagency Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention, which includes representatives from the Ulster County School Superintendents Council; the Ulster County Police Chiefs Association; the Ulster County Department of Health and Mental Health; the Ulster County Prevention Council; the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office; and the Greater New Paltz Community Partnership.
Ulster BOCES is located at 175 Route 32 North, New Paltz, New York.


Note to members of the KHS PA:  the monthly meeting scheduled for Thursday April 28, 2016 is canceled so that parents may attend the Opioid and Heroin Crisis forum.

Meeting for KHS Parents

Hey Kingston High School parents!

If you can make yourselves available, stop by the Kingston High School auditorium between 6-8pm tonight.

KHS guidance counselors will be speaking about the college application process, financial aid, scholarship, NCAA, College Board Testing and the college search process from 6-7pm.

The KHS PA meeting will follow at 7pm with a brief presentation from Ulster BOCES regarding the many programs available to students through the Ulster BOCES Career and Technical Center and then move into discussion of discipline changes before the Jefferson Committee and any other issues of interest/concern to parents at the meeting.

Transitioning to Life After High School

Parents/Caregivers of Middle School and High School students with an IEP or 504 plan: these forums on graduation requirements and transitioning are for you!

The first, Pathways To Graduation, on February 16th is very critical for you to learn the options that lead to a diploma or a certificate.

Kingston Transition Planning Parent Series 2016

Forum details:

Kingston City School District in collaboration with the Kingston Special Education Parent Group cordially invite you to attend a series of free information sessions on important topics affecting students who are planning for their transition to life after high school.

Held in the High School AUDION (Room 517) from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Session 1: Tuesday, February 16th (Snow Date: Wednesday, February 17th)  Pathways to Graduation
This presentation will offer parents an overview on the requirements that need to be met in order to graduate with a diploma as well as a review of the different types of diploma options available for students with disabilities. An introduction to a new exiting credential of work readiness will also be shared.

Session 2: Tuesday, March 15th (Snow Date: Wednesday, March 16th)  Understanding the NYS Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential
This presentation is especially recommended for parents of children with an IEP in 8th grade or higher, to learn about the requirements for an important exiting credential that students can earn upon exit from school which recognizes a student’s preparation skills and demonstration of knowledge and experience needed for entrylevel
employment opportunities. The Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential which is awarded only to students that have taken the NYS Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) will also be reviewed. (*Please note this session is not applicable to students with a 504 Plan.)

Session 3: Tuesday, April 12th (Snow Date: Wednesday, April 13) Preparing for the Transition to College
This presentation is designed to assist parents of young adults with an IEP or 504 Plan in understanding the differences that can be expected as students move from high school to a college setting. Topics include: laws which govern services at the college level; the process to access academic accommodations, disability documentation requirements; the changing role of parents; and tips on what students can do now to gain the
necessary skills needed for a successful college experience.

Session 4: Tuesday, May 17th  Transition Planning for Families – Preparing for Life after High School
This presentation will provide parents with information on the school to post-school transition planning process.  Families are essential partners with the school district and collaboration with the Committee on Special Education (CSE) team is extremely important to fully understand considerations for successful career development and transition to adulthood. The workshop will help parents to think about: your child today, your child in the future and the support required to help your child achieve his/her long-term goals.

Announcement for KHS parents/guardians

Kingston Alderwoman Nina Dawson, Ward 4, is hosting a Community meeting with County Executive Mike Hein tonight Thursday January 28, 2016 6pm at Riverview Baptist Church.

County Executive Mike Hein will present his vision to continue the goal of an “inclusive community” in Kingston.  He will discuss the Ulster County Midtown Linear Park project.

Community meeting with Mike Hein

 The KHS Parents Association encourages KHS parents/guardians to attend the community meeting with County Executive Mike Hein in lieu of the KHS PA meeting previously scheduled for Thursday January 28, 2016.

KHS members – Submit any KHS PA agenda items to KHS PA President Jolyn Safron in preparation for the next KHS PA monthly meeting on February 25, 2016.

All KHS parents/guardians – Please respond to Jolyn Safron if you are interested in attending a KHS PA meeting on any of the following topics:

  • School avoidance/School refusal
  • Course offerings available to KHS students at BOCES and/or SUNY Ulster
  • Presentation for parents regarding student driver safety
  • How to live with your teen without losing your mind
  • Signs and symptoms of depression

Presentations will be scheduled as part of upcoming KHS PA monthly meetings if there is sufficient interest in a topic.

Matters Helping All Parents: Conflicts for Positive Change

Have you checked out the Matters Helping All Parents:  Conflicts for Positive Change posts that MHA in Ulster County has posted this month?

Week 1 kicked off the theme with a video of Practical Tips to Reduce Conflicts with Parents and Children.

Week 2 provided resources on No Drama Discipline

Week 3 gave parents the opportunity to share stories of successful conflict management in the home.

Week 4 (this week) talked about how mistakes can be OPPORTUNITIES to help our children learn.  I particularly liked this portion from the “Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn” article for this week:

So much parenting and teaching is based on fear. Adults fear they aren’t doing a good job if they don’t make children do better. Too many are more concerned about what the neighbors will think than about what their children are learning.  Others are afraid that children will never learn to do better if they don’t instill them with fear and humiliation.  Most are afraid because they don’t know what else to do—and fear that if they don’t inflict blame, shame and pain, they will be acting permissively.

There is another way.  It is not permissive, and it truly motivates children to do better without paying the price of a lowered sense of self-worth. Teach children to be excited about mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear an adult say to a child, “You made a mistake. That is fantastic. What can we learn from it?” And I do mean “we.” Many mistakes are made because we haven’t taken time for training and encouragement. We often provoke rebellion instead of inspiring improvement.



Keeping youth out of the Juvinile Justice System – December 3, 2015

The Kingston High School Parents Association (KHS PA) invites KHS parents, Kingston Middle School parents and community members to attend a workshop titled “STSJP and One80 programs: Keeping youth out of the Juvenile Justice System by engaging in pro-social activities

Date:  Thursday December 3, 2015  6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Location:  Kingston Library Community Room (second floor)

Presenter:  Ms. Dana Katz, Family of Woodstock

The workshop will be followed by a short KHS PA meeting from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

If your student has ever done something wrong and been excessively punished or just been in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’, this workshop is for you. If you are concerned about an excessively punitive culture and would like to see more restorative justice, this workshop is for you. If you are concerned that your student might make a bad choice in the future and be faced with some scary consequences, this workshop is for you. If you care about the kids here in Kingston, this workshop is for you.

KHS PA Dec 3 flyer

Hope to see you at the workshop on December 3, 2015.

HOPE 2015 on November 14, 2015 canceled



Helping Others Protect Everyone

Ways to resolve conflicts and improve relationships in our homes and communities

November 14, 2015 9am – Noon

CANCELED due to unexpected circumstances

The HOPE conference will not be rescheduled.

The KHS PA knows that bullying and the broader scope of conflict are pervasive problems in our society that not only impact the education of our students but their entire lives. Since the HOPE workshops were providing information intended to help parents and students deal with conflict more successfully as well as help each person feel more empowered to help others and protect themselves, the KHS PA is making arrangements to offer the workshops as part of upcoming KHS Parents Association meetings.

Mark your calendar to attend the KHS PA meetings now and watch the KHS PA webpage for meeting topics.

The next meeting is December 3, 2015 at 6:30pm

How to live with your teen without losing your mind

Adoring and adorable children can become adolescents who say and do things that result in hurt, anger, conflict, and fears for their safety. In plain language, learn about exciting new research that sheds light on “why did you do that?” and “what were you thinking?!”. Practical tools for retaining your sanity will be shared.

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Teen Dating Violence 101: Recognizing and Responding to Physical and Emotional Violence in Teen Romantic Relationships. A workshop for parents and teens in middle school and high school.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Are you or someone you know or love suffering from depression? How do you tell? What can you do? Come and learn some of the signs of depression and how you can help.

While you are waiting for the next KHS PA meeting, check out this video posted as part of the monthly Matters Helping All Parents program from MHA in Ulster County.  “Practical Tips to Reduce Conflicts with Parents and Children”

HOPE 2015 – November 14, 2015

HOPE 2015 CANCELED as of 11/10/15 – details here

The Kingston High School Parents Association (KHS PA) is excited to present HOPE 2015 on Saturday November 14, 2015.

Bullying and the broader scope of conflict are pervasive problems in our society that not only impact the education of our students but their entire lives.

It is our desire with HOPE that students, parents and our community as a whole will learn information that will help each person to deal with conflict more successfully whether it is in their own life or in the life of a friend or loved one. We want each person leaving HOPE to feel more empowered to help others and protect themselves.

HOPE 2015 flyer

HOPE 2015 Flyer