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Election 2014 Wrap-up for the Kingston City School District

The November 4, 2014 election is over and before I put all my campaign posts to bed, I wanted to summarize regarding the various candidates and their educational stands.

For some reason I never posted this after writing it back in November 2014.  I am posting it now (May 2015) even though quite a bit of time has elapsed.  I thought it might be interesting to look back on what the various candidates had to say about education now that we are almost six months into their current term.

Some of the candidates who I have advocated for won and some did not.

Regardless of who won and who lost, our job as citizens is not done.  We must continue to interact with our elected officials and make sure that they are representing us properly in government.  We need to remember what they said during their campaigns; make sure they are sticking to the promises they made; work with them to determine if we can change their perspectives or come to satisfactory compromises if they have stands with which we do not agree.  We can not just wait until the next election and then vote.

New York State Governor – Andrew Cuomo defeated Rob Astorino but by a much smaller margin than many would have anticipated.  Rob Astorino actually ‘won’ the majority of the vote in Ulster County (46.6% for Astorino versus 41.7% for Cuomo according to politico.com) by a slight margin and the margin increases if the votes for Green party candidate Howie Hawkins (11%) are included.  These leads me to conclude that a number of people in Ulster County are not thrilled with Governor Cuomo and I like to think at least some of that discontent is due to his educational policies.  Governor Cuomo stated right before the election that he intends to ‘break the public school monopolty’ (read here) and his actions regarding education is an issue that we will need to keep an eye on in the upcoming months.  I personally liked many of the aspects of Rob Astorino’s education platform and will be keeping it in mind to see if there are ways they can be incorporated into New York’s educational policy even though Rob Astorino did not win the position of Governor.  Astorino-Moss Education Plan 2014

New York State Senator – 46th Senate District:  George Amedore defeated incumbent Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk.  Senator Tkaczyk made education a significant part of her focus during her time in office so George Amedore is going to have to step up and take a stand on the educational issues as he moves into his new position as Senator for the 46th Senate District.  He ran on the new StopCommonCore party line and will be held accountable in that area.  There are many areas of concern in education beyond Common Core that he will also need to address including school funding and unfunded mandates.

New York State Assembly – 103rd Assembly District:  Incumbent Assemblyman Kevin Cahill defeated challenger Kevin Roberts to retain his seat as representative for the Kingston City School District.  As with the governor position, I would like to see if there are ways that we can work with Mr. Cahill to change some of his perspectives on education to achieve the goals that Mr. Roberts would have taken with him to Albany had he won the assembly seat.  This  video provides a clear distinction between the two on their education stands.

U.S. Congressman New York State’s 19th Congressional District:  Incumbent Congressman Chris Gibson defeated newcomer Sean Eldridge and will be returning to Washington D.C. to represent the 19th Congressional District.

Smart Schools Bond Act (proposition 3):  The Smart Schools Bond Act passed and we will have to wait and see how Kingston City School District will use the money and how much it will cost the taxpayers.

StopCommonCore party line:  The new StopCommonCore party line received just over 50,000 votes and is therefore eligible to be its own party and to appear on the ballot as a party for the next four years.

Read here for a summary of campaign platforms and campaign videos about the various candidates.

This summary is focused on the Kingston City School District but I would like to highlight one other post that has Ulster County wide information regarding the Assembly candidates for four districts (assembly districts 101, 102, 103 and 104) since the candidates had such clear and differing stances regarding Common Core/education.  Click here to access the post.

Federal bill to reduce testing – H. R. 452 “Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act”

I am very proud to see this press conference in support of legislation sponsored by our own U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson – H.R. 452 – Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act.

Congressman Lee Zeldin, Comsewogue School Superintendent DrJoe Rella, NYS Assemblyman Dean Murray, and Patchogue-Medford School Superintendent Michael Hynes – Joint press conference to discuss House Bill H. R. 452 the “Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act” which Rep.Chris Gibson has sponsored and Lee Zeldin has co-sponsored. If Congress passes it, this legislation would roll back testing requirements to pre-NCLB levels.

Congressman Zeldin was in Albany as a senator last year but felt compelled to run for the U.S. Congress and is now in Washington D.C. continuing to fight for the children.

Superintendent Dr. Joe Rella asks “How are the children?  Are all of them well?”  Unfortunately, the answer right now is “No”.

If you are in the 19th Congressional district, please contact Congressman Gibson to thank him for sponsoring this legislation.  If you are in another congressional district, demand that your congressman support this legislation so we can get back to educating our kids and not this ridiculous over-testing!  There are currently only 4 New York congressman co-sponsoring this legislation (Katko, Reed, Zeldin and Collins).


H.R. 452 summary:

Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act

Amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to eliminate the requirement that students be tested against state academic content and achievement standards in mathematics and reading or language arts in each of grades three through eight.

Requires, instead, that those tests be administered at least once during: (1) grades 3 through 5, (2) grades 6 through 9, and
(3) grades 10 through 12.

U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson still supporting rollback of Common Core

I am very excited to see that rollback of Common Core is included in U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson’s priorities for this coming Congressional year:

‘Education policy that empowers local school districts, teachers, administrators, parents, and students by rolling back Common Core and makes necessary investments;’

No Common Core words

Since I happen to like the job Congressman Gibson is doing in office, I am not so excited that he won’t be running for re-election to the U.S. Congress after the current term but I knew it was coming either this term or next (knew he had set self-imposed term limits on his position). This article from the Kingston Times talks about that part of his announcement if you are interested.

Jolyn with U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson
Jolyn with U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson

U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson and Common Core

For anyone who thinks Congressman Chris Gibson might just be ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ with the current dislike of Common Core because it is election time, check out this article from November 2013.

Congressman Chris Gibson says it’s a byproduct of too much federal involvement in the setting of education standards. He says there are too many unfunded mandates coming out of Washington and that the federal government should be setting goals, not standards.

“The concept that we embraced for education was competition. Now competition in economic life is a good thing. Competition on the athletic field is a good thing, but this is the wrong concept for education. We should be embracing equal opportunity,” Gibson said.

- See more at: http://albany.twcnews.com/…/congressman-gibson-comments-o…/…

Come hear Congressman Gibson’s thoughts on Common Core and other issues at the debate with Sean Eldridge at Miller Middle School tonight October 6, 2014 at 7pm.

Here is a more recent post (July 2014) that verifies Congressman Gibson’s views have not changed.  Regarding the new StopCommonCore party, Congressman Gibson is not on the ballot line because the new party is a state-level party and he is in a federal position as U.S. Congressman representing New York’s 19th District.

Against Common Core and Vote