Stop Common Core Our Children Deserve Better

Superintendent Dr. Joseph Rella exposes the Common Core Reform Agenda

Superintendent Dr. Rella has been speaking out against Common Core almost as long as I have known about Common Core.  He exposes the truths about the Common Core agenda in this video.  The video is an excellent primer for people who are just now beginning to question Common Core.  The video was recorded in late February 2015 before the New York State budget was passed so a few aspects of the ‘reforms’ pushed by Governor Cuomo have changed but what we are stuck with now is just as bad as what Dr. Rella discussed.  The current state of education is no accident, this is a planned takeover with dire results.

It is nothing less than the programmatic dismantling of the public education system.  And that is not the worst part, believe it or not, the worst part, the most destructive effects are on our students.

Given that 5% incremental improvement, a 3rd grader right now could conceivably go through his entire elementary and middle school career and never pass a state test.    That sends a clear message to that kid, “you’re dumb”.

Proficiency is no longer an indication of student learning; rather it is part of a broader political agenda.

Dr. Rella understood the problems with Common Core when it was first introduced in New York and the problems that still exist as Governor Cuomo rams his education reform down the throats of New York State parents.

Nothing will stop parents from protecting their children.

As a parent I am not concerned about protecting unions.  I do want to help the students’ teachers because what happens to the teachers impacts the kids.  Parents have been fighting; the unions have finally decided to join in but this fight is not about the ‘political agenda’ of parents.  It is actually about STOPPING a political agenda. Parents will not stop fighting until our public schools and our kids are again safe!  I pray that it will be this year but if not, so be it.

Refuse the state tests!

Refuse ELA Test April 2015