Refuse the New York State standardized tests grades 3-8

Submit your KCSD test REFUSAL by Friday April 10, 2015 – Correction

Kingston parents – I just received an e-mail from attendees at the District Wide Parents’ Council (DWPC) this evening that Bailey parents must submit notification of test REFUSAL for their students by tomorrow Friday April 10, 2015.  The e-mail said that parents are not allowed to refuse on the day of the test.  The ELA state testing begins next Tuesday April 14, 2015.

UPDATE 4/10/15 1:45pm – I received notification from Mrs. Linton at 1:19pm today that my information was indeed incorrect and Bailey Middle School will allow parents to submit refusal letters next week.  I apologize to Mrs. Linton for sending incorrect information as I said I would do.  I still encourage parents to get their refusals submitted as soon as possible but I am actually very glad that my information was incorrect so that parents can feel comfortable submitting refusal letters next Monday or Tuesday if they decide to refuse the tests next week.

It is too late at night to verify this information with the Bailey principal Mrs. Linton before sending it out so I will have to apologize after the fact if it is incorrect and you actually have the weekend to submit your refusals.  I don’t want to have anyone wait, thinking they have the time, and then get a nasty surprise on Monday or Tuesday.

Also I do not know if this same deadline applies to other schools in the Kingston school district.  I recommend that all parents submit your refusal letters tomorrow so you do not discover that it is ‘too late’.

I am hoping that many, many Kingston parents will be REFUSING the tests for their students and the school administrators will need to know how many refusing students they have to work with next week so let’s get those refusal letters in!

If you need assistance with your refusal letter, check out NYS Allies for Public Education  or Stop Common in New York State.  You are also welcome to contact me directly by filling out the contact form below.

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