Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014 – Referendum that will be on the November 4, 2014 ballot

Here is information from a parent in Ballston Spa who has done a lot of research into the “Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014″ which will be on the November 4 ballot as a referendum due to Governor Cuomo’s 2014 budget.

Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014 – Nov 4th Bond Referendum

In relation to the Ballston Journals article on the BSCSD Board reshuffles leadership, the bigger question lies within the statements from Jeanne Obermayer on UPK (Universal Pre-Kindergarten). The UPK is a bit of concern for me. We already have Head-Start for disadvantaged pre-k children housed in our school district. So why the need for UPK??? This may very well be connected to the NEWEST CC program to be rolled out PK-12 and is most likely connected to the “Smart Schools Bond Act 2014.” that will be on the November election Ballot.

This 2 BILLION $$ bond act will be required to be used for technology needed for PARCC and also expanding pre-k, in this case “UNIVERSAL.” Another RED HERRING…. once the $$ is used up, it then becomes another unfunded mandate to local tax payers to cover the continual financial costs of the programs.

If Cuomo initiated it, it’s connected to the expansion of CC. Just think about it. We’ll still have to replace and cover costs of aging technology, costs related to anything connected within 3-5 years as another tax burden, LONG BEFORE the NYS citizens and taxpayers pay back the bond over the next few decades.
It’s the BIG BOONDOGGLE!! 1 Billion $$ ifiasco in LA

“E.J. McMahon, President of the Empire Center, argued that the bond would pay for technology that will be “outdated and useless” before the state’s bonded indebtedness is even paid off.”