School Boards

On May 17, 2016 voters in the Kingston City School District will be electing three members to the school board.

With the upcoming election in mind, check out this excellent description of the responsibilities of both the school board and the community with regards to public education.  The author Alice Wellborn is a school psychologist who writes to strengthen parent/teacher partnerships.

The structure of American public education is grounded in local control, and that control is administered through a locally elected (or, in some cases, appointed) Board of Education.  Citizens (or their elected representatives) select school board members, who then oversee the public schools and serve as the liaison between the community and the school system.

Community members can express their ideas and opinions about public education through voting, communicating directly with school board members, attending board meetings, or even running for the school board.

Note that while Ms. Wellborn refers to some school board members being paid, school board members in Kingston are volunteers and do not receive payment for their service.  You will also find other relevant information in my Parent Guide to Kingston Board of Education Meetings.

Anyone wishing to run for a seat on the KCSD board of education should contact District Clerk Camille DiPerna at or (845) 943-3009 to obtain a candidate packet.