Sad day regarding the Board of Regents

Our New York legislature voted on four Board of Regents seats today.  Unfortunately the outcome of the vote did not do the right thing for our children or our educational system in my opinion.  Many who are concerned over the Common Core Agenda have called for the four incumbents to not be re-elected.  However politics came into play rather than what is best for the kids and three of them returned to the Board of Regents.  Apparently Regent James Jackson, responsible for Ulster County, decided to resign last night – reason unknown.  Josephine Finn, who somehow became a candidate after the deadline for candidacy had passed, was selected to fill the seat vacated last night by Regent Jackson so now Ulster County will be represented for the next 5 years by someone who did not even go through the proper process to become a member of the Board of Regents!

Here are two articles that explain the details of what happened today in the legislature as well as some background information regarding the Board of Regents here and here .