Against Common Core and Vote

Rob Astorino’s Education Plan for New York State

Rob Astorino is running for Governor of New York State and he has vowed to Stop Common Core if elected as Governor.  His 15 point education plan presents what he will replace Common Core with as well as his vision for education over all in New York State.

This bold plan will replace Common Core with high standards achieved at the local level, with the input of parents and teachers, and it will make the governor’s office directly responsible for school improvements through an executive-appointed State Education Commissioner.”

Astorino’s plan also calls for, among other things, increased vocational training and greater availability of science, technology, engineering and math programs. It also would reduce reliance on “high stakes assessments,” and increase “life skills training,” such as nutritional and financial literacy instruction.  – Daily News, September 2, 2014

The 15 points are:

Astorino’s plan:

1 – Replace Common Core and with standards and curriculum developed by in-state educators with input from parents.

2 – Develop more accurate measures of student, teacher and school performance, reducing reliance on high stakes assessments.

3 – Reform Board of Regents by creating an elected 13-member board.

4-  The governor appoints education commissioner who must be confirmed by the Board of Regents with a majority vote.

5 – Increase availability of vocational training in schools for careers in home economics, carpentry, mechanics, electrical, etc.

6 – Increase coordination between community colleges, local school districts and local industry.

7 -Increase Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in schools.

8- Create three new diplomas: Career and Technical Education (CTE); STEM Regents; Academic Regents.

9 – Ensure full funding for special education services.

10 – Increase life skills training in schools, such as nutritional literacy instruction in middle school and financial literacy instruction in high school.

11 – Provide more school choices for parents of children in schools determined to be failing, including more charter school availability and vouchers for private or religious school.

12 – Pass the Education Investment Tax Credit to encourage more private donations to public and private schools.

13 – A new marketing campaign to encourage greater parental involvement in their child’s education.

14 – Combat chronic absenteeism.

15 – Begin foreign language instruction in elementary school.

Daily News, September 2, 2014

and the full plan can be read here.