Report cards are here!

Kingston parents – you probably have your child’s report card and might be wondering what some of the grades mean/why your child received a particular grade/how this reflects the curriculum being taught at school?

There is a video on the district website about the new elementary report cards.  Also the school district is hosting a parent education night tomorrow evening Monday November 24, 2014 6:30-8pm at Miller for grades K-8 to explain the ELA and Math curriculum changes to parents.

If your student’s grades are not what you expected, talk to your student’s teacher before getting upset or punishing your child.  Remember that the 1-4 system for the elementary grades does not reflect the exact same thing as how well they did on their chapter tests and homework in school.  It is telling how they are progressing towards achieving the various Common Core standards.  If your child is not meeting grade-level expectations, ie. scoring a “3” or higher, you might want to inquire as to whether RTI services would be beneficial for your student (district information about Response to Intervention, RTI, here).