Refuse the New York State standardized tests grades 3-8

Reject John King as Secretary of Education – Call now!

Please call Senator Schumer (202) 224-6542 and Senator Gillibrand (202) 224-4451 to let them know that parents from New York do NOT want the Senators from New York to approve John B. King Jr. as the Secretary of Education.

 Parents rejected him as Commissioner of Education here in New York and he should not be the Secretary of Education for the country!

If you don’t remember the general sentiment when it was announced that John King¬†was resigning as Commissioner of Education in New York back in December 2014, read here and here.

4 thoughts on “Reject John King as Secretary of Education – Call now!”

  1. I strongly oppose John King as Secretary of education because his views on the education process are sckewed, and he shows a total lack of understandng as to how to improve education. it’s time we had someone from further down the ranks who truly is committted to, and understands the needs of students, to make them successful AND who cares enough to do something about it.

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