Refuse math test 2015 feature

REFUSE the New York State Math test TODAY!

The New York State Math test starts today April 22, 2015. If you have not submitted a REFUSAL letter, send it in with your student in the morning.

This link will allow you to quickly generate a Math Test REFUSAL letter if you need one.

By the way my student, who is an 8th grade student in Regents Algebra at Bailey, was told that she will not be taking the 8th grade NYS math test so I am assuming that means the REFUSAL letter I sent in will not count as a REFUSAL.  My student will be doing math and earth science with her regular teachers during the testing periods this week in preparation for the upcoming Regents tests in June.  I don’t know how many 8th graders there are in Regents Algebra who REFUSED the ELA test but we need new students REFUSING to take the math test (in addition to those who REFUSED the ELA test) to replace these Regents students in the REFUSAL counts.

As of April 21, 2015 4:48pm with 73.4% of school districts reporting, test REFUSAL numbers from the ELA test are at 184,666!

Test REFUSALS are having an impact!  Read here, here and below.

The fact that this [test REFUSAL/opt-out] is happening by the people, for the people, with no funding, is true democracy and is a dangerous thing. Folks would much prefer that we are sheeple and that we are incapable of strategically planning a nationwide opt out movement. Guess what? We did it. All of us. That makes us dangerous. That makes the media/corporations want to co-opt and shut down our work. A mass movement of civil disobedience that is running through our country like a tidal wave in an attempt to save our democracy is indeed a powerful force that no corporation can shut down.

– from Diane Ravitch – Peggy Robertson of United Opt Out responds to the New York Times’ Article – April 21, 2015

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