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Reduction in parking along Broadway near KHS – submit any comments/concerns

A plan “Building a Better Broadway” has just been announced which has implications to parking around Kingston High School. While the plan has some obvious benefits, a side-effect of the plan is the loss of 55 parking spaces along Broadway with the majority of the spaces being between Pine Grove Avenue and Chester Street.

UPDATE 8/24/15:  The Kingston City School District Board of Education voted to request a 30-day extension to the plan comment period on August 19 to allow time for the district to investigate the plan’s impact to the school district/Kingston High School.  The comment period was extended by two weeks (until September 4, 2015) at the request of Mayor Shayne Gallo according to a press release on September 20.  Get your comments/concerns submitted to

For those who don’t yet have students at Kingston High School, finding parking for events at KHS or even just when you need to stop by to speak to a teacher or drop something off can be a challenge. I can’t imagine after-school pick-up with even less parking spaces on Broadway for parents to wait for their students.  PLUS the KHS project construction is going to be in progress.

Also of concern is the fact that the comment period ends on August 20 (public meeting was held on August 6). Many families are away in August and might not even hear about these proposed changes until kids head back to school in September. Please help get the word out so that anyone who does have concerns or questions has the opportunity to submit them.

Submit comments by August 20 to

Slightly less than a mile of Broadway in Midtown could be reduced to one lane in each direction with the remaining space being reserved for bicyclists.

The proposal for the 0.8-mile conversion is part of a $5 million plan unveiled during an Ulster County Transportation Council public information session Thursday afternoon at the Ulster Performing Arts Center on Broadway. The even drew almost 80 people.

“You’re going to get new sidewalks and new curbing,” Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo said. “You’re going to get also too a new streetscape that will be bike- and pedestrian-friendly and move traffic around more efficiently.”

Gallo said “redesigning the streetscape is to draw more attention to the Broadway corridor.”

Part of Broadway in Midtown Kingston could be altered to make more room for bicyclists – Daily Freeman August 6, 2015

Read the draft plan here.

UPDATE 8/14/15:  Several have asked about dates for implementation of the Building a Better Broadway plan.  While there are not specific dates listed in the plan, it is proposed as a 3-5 year plan and says that there is already some grant funding at hand ($2 million) with the expectation that federal and/or state grants will be obtained to cover the remainder of the almost $5 million required for the project so it sounds like the expectation is for construction to begin soon.

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