Parents demand an investigation

Parents demand independent review of NYS tests

Please send an email or make a call to the New York State Attorney General’s office demanding an independent review of the NYS grade 3-8 tests.

From United to Counter the Core:

Hundreds of thousands of parents across NY have spoken loudly and clearly with test refusals. Now it is time for YOU to take the next step!

United to Counter the Core is proud to join over 60 grassroots parent activist groups across NY calling for an investigation into the tests by our Attorney General, Eric T Schneiderman. We ask you, the parents, to support this effort by taking three minutes to call the Attorney General’s office and add your voice to the rising chorus.

Please call or email the AG’s office and DEMAND an independent review of the 2015 grades 3-8 ELA and math tests, addressing concerns with quality, validity, and appropriateness.  We are FINALLY being heard in Albany; please call TODAY and continue to let your voice be heard!

Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman’s Office

UPDATE: the phone system can be difficult to navigate, but you will find an operator by dialing 1, then 3, then 6. You can leave your name and number with the operator on the phone log, telling her that you’re calling in support of a petition that has already been filed.

You can also contact Eric T. Schneiderman‘s office by posting on his Facebook page (click his name above). -Storm

Parents demand an investigation

Read the press release about the demand for an independent review of the tests as well as the petition and the 60+ parent groups supporting the demand.

If you have not yet added your name to the petition, you may do so by clicking here.