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Oppose Ulster County Local Law 17

The Ulster County legislature is considering Proposed Local Law 17 Prohibiting Cyber-Bullying.  This legislation is slated for public hearing on Tuesday December 13, 2016 at 6:10pm and is expected to be voted on by the legislature after the hearing.

While Cyber-Bullying is a problem that we all want to address, there are a number of concerns with Proposed Local Law 17 (see policy-education-sheet) even after considerable changes made to the law from what was presented initially in January 2016.

  • inadequately addresses any restorative/educational component
  • brings kids as young as 10 in front of Juvenile Delinquency proceedings in Family Court
  • invests police officers the right to arrest your child
  • provides the first placement after arrest as JUVENILE DETENTION CENTERS where children may stay up to 72 hours before initial hearing
  • is entirely opposed as-is by one member of the 5-person Legislative Programs,  Education and Community Services committee
  • is concerning to 3 of the other 5 committee members
  • was written by the Public Defender’s Office without adequate input from community members, parents, or citizens

Please contact your Ulster County legislator and tell them:  I do not support Proposed Local Law 17 and I am asking you to vote NO. This law is inadequate and our children deserve better.