John King with President Obama

Next U.S. Education Secretary

We will soon be saying goodbye to John King as U.S. Education Secretary.  There seems to be a fair amount of confusion however regarding who President-elect Donald Trump is considering as possible candidates to fill the Education Secretary position.

Williamson Everson is on Trump’s transition team and has been listed on the short list of candidates for U.S. Education Secretary.  Dr. Ben Carson has also been suggested but Dr. Carson has withdrawn his name from consideration.

Several articles (herehere and here) indicate that Michelle Rhee and/or Eva Moskowitz are being considered for appointment as Education Secretary.  Speculation?  Rumor?  Fact?  Not sure, but many concerns are being raised at the thought of either Michelle Rhee or Eva Moskowitz as the next Education Secretary.  These two women are avid supports of Common Core and/or high stakes testing.  I can’t imagine how/why they would be considered for Education Secretary when Mr. Trump has promised to STOP COMMON CORE but perhaps he has not yet learned the full extent of their stands on the Common Core issue.  The Politico article included Moskowitz’s name with Rhee’s as long shots yesterday but Moskowitz’s name has been removed as of today (Nov 17).  Within the last hour I read that Eva Moskowitz has withdrawn her name from consideration which is a relief.  Now if Michelle Rhee would just do the same I could breathe more easily again.

With all the uncertainty regarding who is being considered, I encourage you to let your thoughts be heard regarding who you want to be the next U.S. Education Secretary.

You can share your thoughts with President-elect Trump regarding the next Education Secretary by submitting a letter using the instructions at the STOP COMMON CORE IN NEW YORK STATE website or you can sign a petition in support of Williamson Evers  #EversForED
Hopefully President-elect Trump will pay more attention to the voice of the parents in New York State in his selection of the next Education Secretary than the U.S. Senate did when they confirmed John King as Education Secretary.