Cuomo Opportunity Agenda 2015

New York State of the State Address – January 21, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo presented a combined State of the State and budget address on January 21, 2015 which he called the “2015 Opportunity Agenda”.

Gary Stern, a reporter for lohud wrote an article the end of December 2014 with some speculations about what Governor Cuomo might include in his State of the State address.  Mr. Stern included some dire predictions and some hopeful possibilities.

Unfortunately the dire predictions are what came true and they revolve around the loss of local control of our schools, an increase in state testing and an attack on the teaching profession.  Plus, the original budget called for an increase of $377 million but Governor Cuomo has said that, if and only if, all of his proposed education ‘reforms’ are accepted/implemented, he will raise state aid by $1.1 billion.

I am going to save the full extent of my personal thoughts regarding the “2015 Opportunity Agenda” for another post but would like to share the following reactions from various individuals and organizations for your consideration.

Here are links so that you can start by reading/watching Governor Cuomo’s remarks yourself if you are not already familiar with the content of the State of the State address:

  • transcript of the 2015 State of the State address
  • presentation of the State of the State address – this link contains background information as well as the video of the speech

Reactions from various individuals and organizations that I have come across:

There are probably some people who liked Governor Cuomo’s education proposals but I have not come across them.  $1 billion dollars is no where near enough to provide the education that the children of New York State deserve and we must NOT hand our schools over to Governor Cuomo!