Top 10 States for K-12 Education map

New York kids ready for college?

Isn’t the whole point behind common core and all these standardized tests because New York kids aren’t “college-ready”? So why is New York ranked as the 4th best state for K-12 education with a special emphasis on how well states are preparing kids to go to college according to this article?

Have we been sold a bill of goods?

So which states are doing the best job of maintaining strong public school systems? To answer that question, SmartAsset looked at ten across-the-board metrics of education, placing a special emphasis on how well states are preparing students for college. For each state, we considered the percentages of students taking the SAT, ACT and AP tests, and the average scores for those tests. We also looked at the state-level funding-per-student, the student-teacher ratio, the high school dropout rate and the percentage of high school graduates attending college after graduation (read more about our methodology below).

After analyzing the various factors, the article comes to the conclusion:

The state of New York invests $20,376 annually for every student in its public education system, second only to Vermont. That investment is paying off. It has the sixth-highest college attendance rate of any state in the country, with 71% of high school graduates attending college within 12 months of graduation.