Mis-use of test REFUSAL data

If you hear that only 1% of New York City students REFUSED the state tests or that REFUSAL rates were significantly lower in the cities than elsewhere in New York State, know that these ‘reports’ are based on a mis-use of test REFUSAL data.

In short, High Achievement NY has tried to do with our opt-out numbers the same thing that NY and other states have tried to do with student state test scores – use them in ways they were not intended in order to create numbers that further their own agenda. To do so is inaccurate, inappropriate, and highly irresponsible.  – United to Counter the Core

I have worked with the parents who are part of United to Counter the Core for the last two years and while they are volunteers, they are top notch.  You could simply trust me or trust them when they say their data is being misused but in fact you do not have to do that. Check out the detailed explanation in this post.

By the way after googling to take a quick look at the High Achievement NY website and the members who make up the coalition, I suspect they are NOT a volunteer run grass-roots group that started because of the concerns parents had regarding their children’s education that they could not get answers for or the pain parents saw every night at the kitchen table due to Common Core.

High Achievement New York provides New York parents, teachers, business and community leaders with an organized platform to support the Common Core, as well as provide information on what the new standards will mean for our children and the future of New York State. It seeks to provide community and educator driven solutions to issues that arise as Common Core is integrated into local schools. Coalition members include: Albany Colonie Chamber of Commerce, America Achieves, American Association of University Women, Association for a Better New York, Buffalo ReformEd, Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Buffalo Urban League, Business Council of New York State, Business Council of Westchester, Center for American Progress, Center for Hispanic Families and Children, Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce, Council For a Strong America, Educators 4 Excellence, Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier, National Council of La Raza, New York Campaign for Achievement Now, New York Urban League, Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, Partnership for Inner-City Education, Parent Power Project- Rochester, Printing Industries Alliance, StudentsFirstNY, and Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce.