Matters Helping All Parents

The Mental Health Association in Ulster County (MHA in Ulster County) kicked off a year-long program Matters Helping All Parents in August 2015.

This program will feature a different topic each month with a new post each week providing information to help parents be successful as well as opportunities for parents to discuss the information and/or share experiences regarding the particular topic.  One of the most exciting aspects of this program for me personally is that the information is not just for parents of younger children – parents of middle school and high school students will find much information to help them with understanding their kids and figuring out how to successfully parent through the challenging teen years.

The topic for August was Matters Helping All Parents:  School Achievement and here is a peek at the first week’s post:

At MHA we believe that all parents want to be successful.  Over the next year we want to share information and support on topics important to you and your child.  We begin with school achievement.

A number of factors can influence your child’s school achievement.  Here are some resources we think can help navigate common concerns.

(1) School Stress – Helping to Overcome Elementary Anxiety: here

(2) School Phobia/School Avoidance/School Refusal: A handout for Parents:, or here

(3) School Avoidance in Teens:, or here

The post for School Achievement Week 2 included information regarding the legal aspects of school attendance and a discussion of school refusal and truancy.

School Achievement Week 3 gave parents the opportunity to share success stories of dealing with school avoidance.  If you have worked through this challenging area, please share your story to help other parents who might be dealing with similar challenges.

School Achievement Week 4 focused on helping to reduce your child’s school stress.

MHA introduced the topic Matters Helping All Parents: Understanding Child/Adolescent Development in September with some videos regarding the psychology of child and adolescent development in week 1, development charts in week 2,  the opportunity to share success stories in week 3 and age-specific (infant through age 17) positive parenting tips in week 4.

Matters Helping All Parents information can be found on the MHA website, the MHA facebook page or by searching #MHAParents