Local teacher associations and NYSUT oppose high stakes testing

Long Island Teacher Refuses to Administer State Tests

Long Island Teacher Beth Dimino has submitted a letter announcing that she will not administer the mandated New York State standardized tests this April.  She believes that not only should parents refuse to allow their students to take the state tests but that teachers who are opposed to the high-stakes testing should refuse to administer/proctor the tests as a ‘matter of conscience’.  Why is Dimino taking such a bold step even though it could cost her her job?

Dimino, by refusing to administer the upcoming Common Core tests, is effectively risking her job for what she believes, and implores others to do the same. She believes there are many other teachers out there whom may feel the same way but are prevented from acting for fear of jeopardizing their positions, and because of those mixed signals, many parents are confused about whether or not opting out of the tests is the best option for their children.

To help clarify this, she’s also putting forth a proposal before the New York State United Teachers Federation (NYSUT) asking that all teachers who have school age children refuse to let them take the exams.

This resolution, which Dimino co-authored, passed her union unanimously, she says, and will be brought to the NYSUT general assembly meeting in April, and aims to coordinate local teachers unions across the state in opting their children out of the tests in solidarity.

Dimino has the support of her Comsewogue District Superintendent Dr. Joe Rella, who is also opposed to the high-stakes testing and Common Core but will it be enough?  Not unless a lot of other teachers join her in this stand.  Read the full article here.

What if Every Parent and Teacher Refused the Test