Location change for KCSD board of education meetings being considered

KCSD Board of Education member James Shaughnessy has posted the following on facebook:

School Board President Nora Scherer and Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino have prepared a school board meeting schedule for 2015-2016 that eliminates the practice of holding one meeting annually in each elementary school. The reason given is that the district’s broadcast equipment is not well suited for use outside of the Cioni administration building. One meeting each year would continue to be held at the high school and each middle school. Please comment your opinion. Thank you.

I appreciate that Mr. Shaughnessy is reaching out to the community to seek our opinion on this matter.

I personally would be disappointed if the practice of holding one board of education meeting annually in each elementary school is eliminated.  I like the opportunity to hear from each school principal and visit each school throughout the school year.  I particularly appreciated when the school presentation portion was moved to after the executive session so that the public didn’t have to sit through the executive session time slot to attend both the school presentation and the rest of the board of education meeting.  I feel that it would be a loss to stop having board meetings at the elementary schools and I have emailed my opinion to the KCSD board members.  I have no idea if I am in the minority or the majority though.  I do know that the microphone system is a challenge at times for those who wish to watch the board of education meetings from home.

If you have thoughts on the location of the board meetings, please communicate them to Mr. Shaughnessy and/or the other KCSD board of education members.

James Shaughnessy (845) 339-5262

Contact information for all KCSD board members is available here.