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Lengthen the School Year Before It’s Too Late Homework Assignment

I try to not get too hung up on the different postings of bad ‘Common Core’ assignments because they may or may not be the fault of Common Core but this one is just so egregious that I had to post it whether it is the fault of Common Core or not!

A mom on the Stop Common Core in New York State facebook page (not from Kingston) reported that her 2nd grade student brought this homework assignment home today.  Note that she said her school regularly sends work from the next grade up home as homework at the end of the school year.  The paper says it is for third grade at the bottom.

Homework Lengthen the School Year grade 3Homework Lengthen the School Year grade 3 p2

The mom was aghast and furious that her student was being told she was behind/not cutting it by the homework assignment and that she needed to give up her summer break.  This particular family spends their summers in Greece learning Greek culture, language and their family heritage.  The mom didn’t feel this qualified as blowing off the summer!

Regardless of how a family spends their summer, the opinions that are presented here as facts are way too many!  There are experts who say these things but there are experts who say the opposite or come up with other solutions based on similar facts.  If this was presented as an opinion piece MAYBE it would be okay but I still don’t know if I would think so for 2nd grade homework where there might be no one discussing it with the child. On the thread where it came from some teachers said they used a similar opinion piece to have a discussion with 5th graders and I could maybe see that working.  However I have been part of debates about extending the school year/having kids go to school in the summer between adults and it is just that – DEBATES!!!  There is NOT consensus about what is best for children in the summer.

I definitely feel this is too far into the brainwashing/social engineering camp for a 2nd/3rd grade class to be using it as homework.  What do you think?