Kingston Board of Education meeting – June 18, 2014

The Kingston Board of Education meeting is tomorrow Wednesday June 18, 2014 at Bailey Middle School.  Principal Julie Linton will do a welcome after roll call at 6pm and then the board will go into executive session.  The agenda does not list an expected time for public comment but it generally is 7pm.

The agenda is available here.

The architects are to present the final designs for the Kingston High School Capital project (the designs that will be submitted for New York State approval for the project later this summer).

I am wondering when the new Kingston High School principal will be announced?  Dr. Manuel is basically done now (working both in D.C. and here this month) and totally done in Kingston the end of June.  KHS students have left the building other than for regents and the ‘make-up’ half day of school on June 26 (assuming kids actually come in) so they will not meet the new principal until September and parents are pretty much done as well.  As president of the KHS Parents Association, I had hoped for the opportunity for some sort of transition from one principal to the next.

The superintendent’s report also includes:

  • Report Card Committee
  • Middle School Schedules
  • Real Estate Update

BOE92 to merge the Onteora and Kingston football teams for 2014/2015 caught my attention in light of a comment made by Assemblyman Kevin Cahill today at Common Sense Education Lobby Day that Onteora was going to only have 1 school/campus very soon (this was new news to the Onteora parents who were meeting with Assemblyman Cahill along with Kingston parents as part of the lobby day).

Updates to 2 policies will have their first reading:

  • Policy 5150 School Admissions
  • Policy 5420 Student Health Services

2 thoughts on “Kingston Board of Education meeting – June 18, 2014”

  1. Cahill’s comment about Onteora is 1000% not true. He doesn’t know what he is talking about and probably doesn’t even know where Onteora School District is. The Onteora School District (voters and board) just approved a huge capital improvement project which includes major upgrades to Phoenicia and Woodstock Elementary Schools including the main campus where Bennet, and the middle/highschool are. As far as the football team, this not a merger. Onteora does not have a team so they have made arrangements with Kingston to give their students an opportunity to play. This is done regularly in school districts throughout the state (including Kingston) and has been for years.

    A word of advice because it seems that you are new to dealing with politicians. If their lips are moving then they are lying. Especially NYS Senators and Assemblymen, that is why so many of them are in jail.

  2. Bob – very glad to hear that Onteora parents are confident that there are no school mergers in their future. However if you read the Kingston Board of Education resolution, the Onteora and Kingston football teams are most definitely being merged (‘merged’ is the specific word used in the resolution) for the upcoming school year. Mr. Maisch specifically stated at the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday that the only way a student can play on a public school team is if the student attends that public school or if the school the student attends asks to merge their team with the school the student wishes to play with. When Mr. Maisch was asked why Coleman students were not allowed to play on the Kingston football team in the past, his answer was because ‘Coleman did not ask to merge with Kingston.’

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