Keep in place the StopCommonCore ballot line name

If you signed a petition last July 2014 for the new StopCommonCore ballot line or voted on the StopCommonCore ballot line in November to help it become a party, please check out this petition.

It has recently come to light that the Stop Common Core party/ballot line is, or will be, changed to the “reform party”.

This is being done without the advice and consent of the parents of NY state who went out and pounded the pavement to gather the signatures to make a petition a party.

These parents did so on the promise that this party would be all about saving their children from the educational takeover called the common core.

We The People, of NY State, hereby demand an immediate cease and desist of all efforts to change the Stop Common Core Party to anything other than it’s promised intention of being the non partisan political voice if the children of NY State.

From my perspective as one of the people who helped collection signatures for the ballot line, the StopCommonCore ballot line was created to draw attention to the problems with Common Core. The people who signed the petitions and voted on the ballot line did not necessarily agree on other issues but were united in their desire to get rid of Common Core. This ‘party’ does not represent other issues and therefore should not be repurposed. The focus should stay on getting rid of Common Core and when Common Core is gone, the party can then go away as well. If you agree, please sign the petition.

Cease and Desist StopCommonCore Ballot Line