KCSD passes school budget and re-seats incumbents

Thank you to those who exercised their democratic rights and voted in today’s school board and budget vote.

Results are in and the incumbents were re-elected to the KCSD Board of Education with Robin Jacobowitz, Danielle Guido and Jim Shaughnessy winning 3 year terms and James Michael winning the remaining one year in Matt McCoy’s outstanding term.  The paper mistakenly reports this term as having two years left.  The school budget passed as well as the proposition to establish a new Capital Reserve Fund.

Budget 2015 vote tally

Dr. Padalino predictably stated that the vote indicates that the community is happy with the KHS project in spite of the extension in time frame and reduction in size and that the community is pleased with the way the board is running the school district.

District Superintendent Paul Padalino said the re-election of incumbents was an affirmation that district residents support the high school renovation and expansion project, even though it will take longer than expected.

“Both propositions passing and the incumbents being reseated, that is a message from the community that they’re pleased with the way the board is running the district,” Padalino said. “It really is a vote of confidence.”

Kingston City School District was not alone in passing our school budget.  In fact the budget in every school district in Ulster County passed – read here.   I don’t know if most districts re-seated incumbents or not.  I do know that the challengers swept the election for the Saugerties school board of education.

Perhaps the budget vote does indeed say that all communities are happy with the way their local school districts are being run.  In fact I hope that is true.  I would like it very much if all parents are happy with their local schools.  However I know that 200,000 New York State TEST REFUSALS says that parents are NOT HAPPY with an awful lot about education in New York State!