Parent Involvement

KCSD BOE Resolution to withdraw recognition and support of District Wide Parents’ Council

The KCSD Board of Education presented resolution BOE34 at the September 7, 2016 meeting and the resolution also appears on the agenda for tonight’s meeting September 21, 2016.


WHEREAS, in 2002, the Board of Education approved a resolution recognizing and supporting the PTAs, PTOs and the District-Wide Parents’ Council; and

WHEREAS, the Board desires to modify its position with respect to such recognition and support;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education hereby withdraws it recognition and support of the District-Wide Parents’ Council and will no longer consider such organization to be a school-related organization.

If you believe in the mission of the District Wide Parents’ Council or have benefited from the organization, please attend the meeting to speak during public comment this evening.  Public comment will begin at 7pm.  If you can not attend, please email your comment to the KCSD BOE members.

Please share the value/benefit of District Wide Parents’ Council and any suggestions you have for increasing the value to parents and/or making it easier for parents to participate as part of the District Wide Parents’ Council.

Mission of District Wide Parents’ Council:
  • To provide an opportunity for the parents of the district to share ideas and mutual concerns.
  • To provide on-going communication among the parents of the Kingston City School District, Central Administration, and Board of Education, and further, to provide support for parents as effective communicators with clarification of proper channels when needed.
  • To keep all parents informed of school districts policies and issues.
  • To endorse, recommend, and collaborate upon initiatives which have been agreed upon by a majority present and voting at school parent group meetings.

Resolution BOE34 was discussed on Sept 7 and then the second was withdraw so a vote was not taken.  Two Board of Education members have indicated they will pull BOE34 from the consent agenda for discussion tonight.

Here is the September 7, 2016 BOE meeting video.   Discussion of BOE34 begins at 41:20 in the video and concludes at 1:03:31.

For anyone not familiar with how the consent agenda works, all resolutions on the consent agenda are voted on together.  If a board member wishes to discuss a resolution on the consent agenda, they must ask for the resolution to be ‘pulled’ from the consent agenda.  If BOE34 was not removed from the consent agenda, there would have been no discussion by the board and the resolution would have been passed along with all the other resolutions on the consent agenda.  To my knowledge, the only announcement of resolution BOE34 that was made was an article in the Daily Freeman on September 8, 2016.

In the interest of full disclosure, please be aware that I served for five years as co-chairwoman of District Wide Parents’ Council and have served as the DWPC representative for Edson Elementary School, Bailey Middle School and Kingston High School.  I believe very strongly in the value of District Wide Parents’ Council and want to see the organization continue as a part of the Kingston City School District.  I will be sharing further personal comments at the BOE meeting tonight.