High school students and state test REFUSAL – NOT a good match!

Kingston High School students and parents – just want to make sure that you understand to NOT refuse the upcoming New York State Regents tests even though some of them are ‘Common Core’ tests.  High school students are required to sit for these tests (and pass them) for graduation.**

The KCSD schedule (dates and times) for all of the Regents tests is available here.

Note that Kingston High School students will be taking the Common Core Regents tests for ELA and Geometry next Tuesday June 2, 2015 – bus and cafeteria details here.  The remainder of the Regents tests are administered during Regents week June 16-24, 2015.

There are definitely problems with the Common Core Regents tests (read here, here and here just to start) but unfortunately test refusal is not an option for drawing attention to the problems/dealing with the problems if students want a crack at graduating.

** Notes:

  • This chart lists how many credits and what assessments are required to graduate/earn a diploma as of May 2015.
  • There are limited situations where students may not be required to sit for certain exams if they have previously taken the exams and failed or if they have an IEP.  If your student has previously failed a Regents exam or is a student with an IEP, you might want to join the NY STOP GRAD HST facebook group to inquire about these special cases.

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