Stop Common Core Our Children Deserve Better


Okay parents and grandparents who are opposed to Common Core, it is time to speak up.

President-elect Trump has promised to STOP COMMON CORE.  Let’s make sure he understands the adverse impact Common Core has had on our children’s education and their everyday lives and why it is so important that he keeps his promise.  Let’s make sure he knows that WE are here, WE are strong, WE are vocal, WE are organized and WE are UNITED for OUR CHILDREN because they are OUR AGENDA!

Join other STOP COMMON CORE parents in sending a short message to President-elect Trump.

Common Core needs to go and the time for President-elect Trump to hear from us is NOW!

New Yorkers reject Common Core
New Yorkers reject Common Core

Here is the letter I sent to President-elect Trump:

Dear President-elect Trump,

Congratulations on winning a very hard fought election to become the next president of the United States of America.

I am the parent of two amazing daughters in New York State and I have been fighting to STOP COMMON CORE since I learned of the ugly beast back in 2012.

Common Core is not good for our children; it is not good for our teachers; it is not good for our schools and it is not good for our country no matter what anyone might try to tell you. Please take time to listen to the parents who have been fighting in the trenches for years. We are here, ready and willing to partner with you, to STOP COMMON CORE as you have promised and we are eager to help you save our schools for our children!

I am hearing distressing rumors that you might be considering Michelle Rhee or Eva Moskowitz for the Secretary of Education cabinet position. Please know that neither candidate is suitable. Michelle Rhee is a Common Core supporter and you have promised to get rid of Common Core. Eva Moskowitz is a very big advocate of high stakes testing which is harmful to our students and she has been accused of being extremely abusive with the discipline of her students in the charter schools she runs.

Please stick with Williamson Evers, who I believe was your initial candidate for the Secretary of Education position.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and the people you place in advisory positions around you as we work together to STOP COMMON CORE.

Sincerely, Jolyn Safron Hurley NY parent, co-founder of Kingston Action For Education