Standardized testing can break a student

Have you heard that US education is WAY behind other countries, especially China?

If you hear that U.S. students are falling behind other countries (based on test scores) so we have to push for higher standards or fix our failing schools, please keep the following  in mind.

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Have you heard that US education is WAY behind other countries, especially China?!?!?!


Most people do not realize 3 very basic things about comparing our education to China’s using the PISA system that this claim is based on:

1. More than half of Chinese children never make it past 5th grade in school. They go to work on farms, in fields, in factories, or they’re forced out of the system for “failure,” which also encompasses learning disabilities. If you’re ADD/ADHD, on the spectrum, dyslexic, etc, you are not welcome in the public education system of China. China has an EXTREMELY high adolescent suicide rate, many citing academic pressure in their suicide notes. PISA only tests 15 year olds. The only 15 year old Chinese kids who are still in school are the ones who are considered academically excellent. In the good ole’ USA, we test ALLLLLLLL of our students, and almost all of our 15 year olds are still in school at age 15.

2. PISA only measures TEST SCORES. It completely ignores things like actual, real world accomplishments, academic accomplishments attained by poor test takers who are nevertheless geniuses, and it ignores the fact that in CHINA they are training for a VERY limited job field. Here, our students can dream of being doctors, lawyers, engineers, pastry chefs, actors, singers, teachers, firefighters, pilots, marine biologists….these jobs are not readily available to the general population in China, which relies heavily on nepotism.

3. If we wanted to live in China, we’d move there. What else about China screams “better than the USA?” Their poverty level, their healthcare, their political oppressiveness, their abuse of child labor??? If you’re going to compare us to other countries, you should probably consider a few other factors about those countries rather than accepting on blind faith that we’re “behind” them in any major way.

Also be sure to read what Vietnam’s deputy education commissioner has to say about the latest international test scores via Diane Ravitch’s blog. Vietnam students beat out U.S. students based on the test scores – gasp! I’ll let you in on a little secret though – U.S. students have NEVER done well on the international tests. Be sure to read the article.

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  1. Thank you!! American is know for it’s diversity and embracing uniqueness! We need to be leading the charge NOT trying to compare ourselves to something OR someone else!!! Each of us had a God given talent to be nurtured and encouraged not stifled by putting every kid in a box and hoping it works out!!

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