Has anything parents have said this year been heard by Commissioner King? Poughkeepsie Protest – June 10, 2014

Poughkeepsie Protest June 10 2014

Parents have spent the entire school year attempting to communicate with Commissioner King but still he is committed to Common Core! He is telling businesses that we, the parents, are “noise” to be ignored and that we are providing “deception and misinformation”.

The Associated Press reported that King told business officials at breakfast meeting of the Association for a Better New York  to ignore what he called the “noise” and speak up in the face of opposition from critics, who say the standards and testing are too difficult or confusing.

“We need you to choose not to be silent in the face of deception and misinformation. You can’t stand on the sidelines while others debate education policy. We need you in the debate, advocating for our students,” he said.

- Commish’s Common Core Pitch

Talk about arrogance! Is this the man that we want leading the education of our children?

Governor Cuomo and Commisioner King are NOT listening and I believe that change is needed in November.  However we must not let political parties divide us – we must do what is right for the children.

In the interim, we need to keep trying to be heard.  Commissioner King will be in Poughkeepsie tomorrow Tuesday June 10, 2014 to discuss Common Core and other education related issues.  He will meet with the Poughkeepsie Journal at 4pm and the interview will be streamed.

We’ll be discussing the controversial Common Core learning standards, educational funding and teacher evaluations, among other things.

Have a question for the commissioner? Email Erika Smith at esmith2@poughkeepsiejournal.com by 2 p.m. Tuesday.

NYSED’s King to meet with Journal, watch it live

Parents will gather at 3pm for a Peaceful Rally to Stand Up and Rally Against Common Core outside the Poughkeepsie Journal.  Bring signs, buttons, shirts and let Commissioner King know what you think about Common Core!