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Field testing – just say “No!”

Stand-alone field test time is here.

Each year students are asked to take a test and ‘try out’ questions so that the producers of the state tests can determine if the questions are ‘good questions’ or not.  Our students do not get paid for participating in these tests.  The results do not affect their grades in any way nor do they inform classroom instruction.  It just assists the test manufacturers along the road to more profit in the creation of next year’s state tests.

Only some schools and some grades within each school are asked by the New York State Education Department to participate in the field tests each year.  The field tests are to be administered between June 1-10, 2015 but the specific date is up to the school.  If a student is absent on the day of the field test, they do not have to make up the field test.  The field tests are NOT mandatory for the school district and in fact some school districts are refusing to participate in the field testing at all this year.

Southampton Field Testing Resolution

Deception associated with the field tests is also being reported.  A memo from NYSED has been reported to encourage teachers to lie about the purpose of the upcoming field tests.

A memo has recently surfaced in which the New York State Department of Education appears to encourage educators to mislead students about upcoming standardized field tests meant to “provide the data necessary to ensure the validity and reliability of the New York State Testing program.”

“Students should not be informed of the connection between these field tests and State assessments,” the memo reads. “The field tests should be described as brief tests of achievement in the subject.”  – Huffington Post May 28, 2015

Also a parent I know in Wappingers Falls reported that her child was already given the field test.   The field test administration is not supposed to begin until June 1 so she had not yet sent in her test REFUSAL letter and was very upset that the school administered the test early.

Parents may send in a letter of REFUSAL for the field tests as they did for the New York State tests back in April.   A sample field test REFUSAL letter is included in this post if you did not include field tests in your state test refusal for the state tests in April.  Even if you did include refusal of field testing previously, I recommend sending a reminder letter if your child’s school/grade is scheduled to participate in field testing.

Students in the Kingston City School District will be asked to take field tests as follows:

  • Chambers (620600010011) – grade 3 ELA
  • Crosby (620600010015) – grade 3 ELA and grade 4 ELA
  • Myer (620600010013) – grade 3 Math and grade 4 Math
  • George Washington (620600010012) – grade 4 ELA
  • Edson (620600010024) – grade 3 Math
  • JFK (620600010014) – grade 3 ELA and grade 4 ELA
  • Graves (620600010017) – grade 3 ELA
  • Bailey (620600010020) – grade 7 ELA and grade 8 ELA
  • Miller (620600010025) – grade 6 ELA and grade 7 ELA
  • KHS (620600010022) – Geometry, PS/Earth Science and Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Full schedules available here

Here is the field testing that KCSD students were asked to do last year.