Dr Hynes

Dr. Hynes supports parents and teachers

Dr. Michael Hynes, district superintendent of the Patchogue-Medford School District on Long Island, stands with his parents and school staff in support of the children.

Dr Hynes and Commissioner Elia

This letter is one demonstration of the support Dr. Hynes is giving his district.  He is not encouraging test refusal but simply informing parents of their right to refuse and asking for the school district to be notified so the district/schools can be prepared to deal with any test refusals that may occur.

The letter that Dr. Hynes sent to his district families is very much like what Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is advocating for as part of the Common Core Parental Refusal Act.

The letter Dr. Hynes sent to at least one of his district teachers made me cry because of the compassion it shows and the depth of understanding of how broken our educational system is right now.

Hynes teacher test score letter

Unfortunately Commissioner Elia will be ‘supporting’ superintendents to make sure that their staff and parents understand how important state testing is (whether the superintendents agree or not).

We, as parents, must stand behind the district superintendents and other administrators throughout New York State who are supporting parents, teachers and children against the current educational madness being called ‘reform’.

Check out these two petitions which, if acted upon by Albany/Board of Regents, will protect not only parents but superintendents like Dr. Hynes.


** Update since I started this post:  Commissioner Elia is clarifying her position on opt-outs according to an article from this afternoon (8/31/15).

Commissioner Elia says parents “absolutely” have the right to opt their kids out of state standardized tests, but she says she still wants to talk to them to try to bring them back to the fold.

“We haven’t done enough communication,” Elia said. “But if parents understand it and they still want their child to opt out, that certainly is their right.”

She admits the tests “have problems” and are “too long.”

So Commissioner Elia understands parents’ rights but will she LISTEN to what is wrong with testing, Common Core and New York State education?  Or does she still believe she has all the answers and just has to convince parents and superintendents like Dr. Hynes that they “don’t understand”?