Do you value New York’s public schools?

Do you value New York’s public schools?  It seems that Governor Cuomo does not.  Many have felt that this was his opinion for quite awhile but he has recently stated it and the outrage has poured forth.

The reactions below are in response to the following comments from Governor Cuomo:

Cuomo, during a meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board, said better teachers and competition from charter schools are the best ways to revamp an underachieving and entrenched public education system.

“I believe these kinds of changes are probably the single best thing that I can do as governor that’s going to matter long-term,” he said, “to break what is in essence one of the only remaining public monopolies — and that’s what this is, it’s a public monopoly.”  – Daily News, October 27, 2014


NYS Allies for Public Education – press release – October 28, 2014

In comments to the Daily News editorial board [], Governor Andrew Cuomo infuriated the members of NYS Allies for Public Education, an organization that consists of over fifty parent and educator advocacy groups across New York State. The Governor vowed to “break” the state’s public school system, which he called “one of the only remaining public monopolies.” He said he would do this by expanding charter schools, competition, and imposing tougher teacher evaluations along with punitive sanctions: “The teachers don’t want to do the evaluations and they don’t want to do rigorous evaluations.” He condescended to parents by implying that the only reason parents erupted in protest was that teachers got “parents upset last year about this entire Common Core agenda.”

Nancy Cauthen, a New York City public school parent, pointed out, “Despite previous statements in which Cuomo absolved himself from the responsibility for imposing fundamentally flawed Common Core standards, curriculum, and high-stakes exams, and tried to blame this entirely on the State Education Department, it is clear that he continues to believe in this damaging agenda.  As several polls recently showed, the majority of New Yorkers are opposed to the Common Core; and yet he continues to defend it and reveals he will push it even harder in a second term.  The governor has revealed himself to be completely out of touch with what parents and communities want for our schools.


My (Jolyn’s) personal response – October 28, 2014:

Please friends, do NOT vote for Governor Cuomo on November 4! I am NOT pushing to get rid of Common Core because I have been hood-winked by teachers who are simply upset about a teacher appraisal system. Common Core is bad for students. Destruction of our public education system is also bad for students. If Governor Cuomo is re-elected, the battle against Common Core will be even harder because Cuomo supports it and our school system will be in even more jeopardy. Also please join me in refusing the state tests for students in grades 3-8.

In this article (…/cuomo-vows-bust-school-monopol…) Cuomo says he intends to BUST the public school ‘monopoly’ if reelected. Remember, they are doing this by falsely showing that schools are dysfunctional based on flawed state test scores. So, the answer is REFUSE THE TESTS!
Please distribute 50 of the flyers below this week.


From AQENY – press release AQE, Leading Education Advocates, Superintendents, Respond to Gov. Cuomo’s Attack on Public Schools :

“Gov. Cuomo has laid clear plans to expand his frontal assault on our public schools through high stakes testing, starving our public schools and privatization,” said Billy Easton, executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education. “It’s not that shocking when you look at the enormous pile of cash he has raked in from the Wall Street billionaires who are investing in charter schools. He is rewarding his financial backers at a devastating cost to our children.”

“Governor Cuomo’s public school bashing hurts students and families, especially in low-income immigrant communities hardest hit by the inequality that has grown under his tenure. Instead of addressing overcrowding, the loss of vital resources, high dropout rates among Latinos, or record-high inequality between school districts, he’s stuck on tired talking points that are divisive and benefit a small few,” said Javier H. Valdés, co-executive director of Make the Road Action Fund.


From gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino – An Open Letter to New York State teachers

I have heard your concerns over charter schools, and I agree that accountability within them is a must. I have supported charter schools in New York’s inner cities, but I recognize that better public schools must ultimately be the answer to New York’s education challenges. Governor Cuomo has taken millions of dollars from charter school backers and has no interest in accountability.

As a parent, first and foremost, I am committed to getting rid of Common Core in New York, and as governor, I will pull New York from the program. No K-12 teachers were involved in writing the developmentally inappropriate experimental standards; they were conceived in secrecy and never tested, and the math and English content experts on the validation committee both refused to endorse the standards saying they were of “poor quality.”  We’ll replace it with better standards set by New York education experts with input from teachers and parents.  And through the same approach, we’ll develop proper assessments for our students, teachers, and schools, of which testing will only be one piece of the puzzle. Our teachers are not test-giving automatons and our children are not guinea pigs.  Each deserve better, and they’ll get it under my administration.

Click to read the full Open Letter to New York State teachers from Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.


Working Families Party which endorsed Governor Cuomo over Zephyr Teachout

The Working Families Party released a statement Wednesday criticizing Andrew Cuomo, the party’s candidate for governor, for his comments comparing the state’s public school system to a “public monopoly.”

“Governor Cuomo is wrong on this one,” the W.F.P.’s state director Bill Lipton said in a statement to Capital. – Capital New York October 29, 2014

Cuomo’s campaign response at the end of the Capital New York article shows his typical arrogance:

UPDATE: “This is all political blather,” said Peter Kauffmann, a spokesman for Cuomo’s campaign.

I hope that everyone remembers this on Tuesday when you walk into the voting booth!