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Data Driven Instruction – park your questions in the parking lot

I attended the Kingston City School District Data Driven Instruction Parent Education Night last night February 10, 2015 and while I did learn a few things, I was very disappointed that parents were not allowed to ask questions. Instead the six parents who were in attendance had to put any questions that we had on sticky notes and put them in the ‘parking lot’ (a sheet of paper on the back wall). We were told that the questions will be answered via Setting the Record Straight.

Dr. Padalino stated at the January 21, 2015 board meeting that the district-hosted parent education nights, the Data Driven Instruction event being the second for the year, are the way the district is satisfying their PARENT INVOLVEMENT/PARENT ENGAGEMENT requirements.

The district invested a lot of money in the Data Driven Instruction night. Three (3) presentations were prepared and presented by five (5) district administrators.  Another 8 district administrators including five (5) school principals were also in attendance.* True, only six (6) parents attended. However those parents were not afforded the opportunity to ask any meaningful questions or to participate in any discussion about Data Driven Instruction. Instead we were told to “park our questions in the parking lot.”

I have tried to encourage parents to attend the parent workshops/education events sponsored by the district but honestly I am not quite sure what the purpose of actually attending the event last night was since watching a video provided by the district would have afforded just as much benefit to parents.

An opportunity for truly meaningful questions and dialog between parents and school staff/administrators regarding Data Driven Instruction is sorely needed.

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* I want to acknowledge the administrators who invested time and effort in preparing for the Data Driven Instruction event and also the administrators who attended.


  • Erin Contrady, Assistant Director of Data and Testing
  • Katherine Petrie, Assistant Director of Elementary Humanities
  • Greg Gorman, Assistant Director of Elementary Math, Science and Technology
  • Jennifer Nilsen, Assistant Director of Secondary Humanities
  • Daniel Erceg, Assistant Director of Secondary Math, Science and Technology

Other  administrators in attendance:

  • Mary Beth Bonville, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education
  • Joellen Gibbons, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
  • William LeForestier, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education
  • Julie Linton, J.W. Bailey Middle School Principal
  • Jo Burruby, M.C. Miller Middle School Principal
  • Brian Martin, E.C. Myer Elementary School Principal
  • Marie Anderson, E. R. Crosby Elementary School Principal
  • Stacey Felicello, Chambers Elementary School Principal

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  1. I agree with you how upsetting it was to me not to be able to ask questions pertaining to the material they were presenting. I hope formative data for my children includes their active participation in discussions and the opportunity for them to ask questions on material they are learning and clarifications. I understand if class size is to large or time does not permit. But this style of teaching and presenting felt disrespectful and non professional. I hope this gets resolved before the next parent informational meeting. The feedback I received from the other people I invited was that this was not effective. I believe this was a parent disengagement event.

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