Cybersafety Presentation – December 1, 2016

Check out this presentation at UCCC tomorrow evening.

The Ulster County Safe Harbour program will host “Internet Awareness: Tools for Keeping Youth Safe in Cyberspace”  on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at UCCC’s  Quimby Auditorium from 6-8:30pm .  

According to a study titled, “2014 Teens and the Screen study: Exploring Online Privacy, Social Networking and Cyberbullying,” 87% of youth have witnessed cyberbullying versus 2013 when 27% of youth witnessed cruel behavior online. Additionally, an increase in cases of suicide have been attributed to sexts gone viral.  

While 79% of youth have never used the Internet or social media to reinvent themselves, one in three youth feel more accepted on social media than they do in real life.  Traffickers utilize social media sites such as Facebook to groom and lure youth into trafficking situations via tactics such as fraud (promises of a romantic relationships or lucrative employment offers) and coercion (threats to the life of the survivor and their family).  Thorn, an agency that studies technology’s role in sex trafficking, found that 70 percent of their surveyed child sex trafficking survivors were, at some point, sold online.


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