Common Core Action needed today – June 2, 2014

For those of you concerned about Common Core, action is needed today – Monday June 2, 2014.

Assemblywoman Nolan, chairwoman of the New York State Assembly education committee, will be asking the committee to take a vote tomorrow (June 3) to ‘hold’ Ed Ra and Al Graf’s bill A8844 to stop common core.  This bill is the bill that we need as parents to stop common core and a vote to ‘hold’ it will kill the bill.

Task #1:  Call the education committee members today and tell them “Don’t hold Bill A8844“.

Assembly Members on Education Committee:
Catherine Nolan (Chair): 518-455-4851; (718) 784-3194
Carmen Arroyo: 518-455-5402; (718) 292-2901
Michael Benedetto: 518-455-5296; (718) 320-2220
James Brennan: 518-455-5377; (718) 788-7221
Karim Camara: 518-455-5262; (718) 771-3105
Barbara Clark: 518-455-4711; (718) 479-2333
Jane Corwin: 518-455-4601; (716) 839-4691
Steve Englebright: 518-455-4804; (631) 751-3094
Do not call as he is a supporter of A8844 – Al Graf: 518-455-5937; (631) 585-0230
Carl Heastie: 518-455-4800; (718) 654-6539
Earlene Hooper: 518-455-5861; (516) 489-6610
Ron Kim: 518-455-5411; (718)-939-0195
Kieran Michael Lalor: 518-455-5725; (845) 221-2201
Barbara Lifton: 518-455-5444; (607)-277-8030
Peter Lopez: 518-455-5363; (518) 943-1371
William Magnarelli: 518-455-4826; (315) 428 9651
Shelley Mayer: 518 455 3662; (914) 779-8805
David McDonough: 518-455-4633; (516) 409-2070
Steven McLaughlin: 518-455-5777; (518) 272-6149
Michael Miller: 518-455-4621; (718) 805-0950
Joan Millman: 518-455-5426; (718) 246-4889
Daniel O’Donnell: 518-455-5603; (212) 866-3970
Amy Paulin: 518-455-5585; (914) 723-1115
Do not call as he is a supporter of A8844 – Edward Ra: 518-455-4627; (516) 535-4095
Phil Ramos: 518-455-5185; (631) 435-3214
Robert Sweeney: 518-455-5787; (631) 957-2087
Claudia Tenney: 518-455-5334; (315) 736-3879
Fred Thiele, Jr.: 518-455-5997; (631) 537-2583
Matthew Titone: 518-455-4677; (718) 442-9932
Michele Titus: 518-455-5668; (718) 327-1845
Harvey Weisenberg 518-455-3028; (516) 431-0500


UPDATE:  Ulster county residents – we have 2 members on the education committee Peter Lopez and Claudia Tenney who are both listed as co-sponsors of bill A8844. I just spoke with Assemblyman Lopez’s office and they said that he is going to definitely vote to not hold the bill and will be trying to get the bill out of committee so it can come to a vote. We need to be making those calls to show support particularly if you are in these districts. Also the calls to the other education committee chairs are very important to let them know that there are ‘real people’ out there who care about this issue. Please make the calls, send the e-mails! I don’t know where Assemblywoman Tenney stands currently regarding A8844 as the person I spoke to in her office said they were not allowed to give that information out.


Task #2:  Please e-mail the following letter (or feel free to write your own) to members of the Assembly education committee to stop the assembly from shooting down the Halt Common Core bill (bill A8844) that we need.

Make sure to include your name and address at the end


SUBJECT: Please vote NO on June 3rd to holding A8844.
Dear members of the Assembly Education Committee,

As a registered voter, the following are reasons why I support the bill presented by Assemblyman Al Graf and Assemblyman Ed Ra. They did their homework before writing this bill. Please vote NO on June 3rd to holding A8844.

*This is why I support A8844…It was carefully crafted by individuals who traveled the state, genuinely listening to the pitfalls and travails of those who are being forced to use these standards, tests, and curriculum.

*This is why I support A8844…It establishes the procedures for appointing a 23 person panel to review the standards, including classroom educators who were previously left out of the discussion.

*This is why I support A8844…It provides a full 3 years to review for age and content appropriateness for standards. Something that was not done when they were created and something other bills do not address. One year is not enough time to fully investigate the effects of this reform initiative.

*This is why I support A8844…It halts Common Core testing and goes back to 2009-2010 standardized testing, effectively eliminating APPR and VAM which will halt teaching to the tests and will immediately bring back real learning to the classrooms.

*This is why I support A8844… because the elimination of on-line tests will save districts millions of dollars in the addition of infrastructure to support the PARCC testing.

*This is why I support A8844… It stops a one size, cookie cutter approach to education, allowing students to be individuals and ELL students and students with IEPs to be treated fairly and with dignity.

*This is why I support A8844…because childhood only happens once and the joy of learning has been corrupted by RttT and CCSS.
Please consider carefully the repercussions of your actions on Tuesday. The fate of our children is in your hands. Lets be true leaders in NYS and show the rest of the country that we are capable of thinking and doing for ourselves without federal oversight. Our schools were not broken, they are breaking now. Return the control of education to where it belongs, out of the hands of businessmen and politicians and back into the hands of educators, parents, and local Board of Educations.


(your name and address here)


Task #3:  If you can possibly come to Albany with me tomorrow (Tuesday June 3 9am) morning, let me know!

On Tuesday at 10am we have an education committee meeting in room 835 of the legislative building. Chairwoman Nolan will take a vote to hold Ed Ra’s and my bill A8844 to stop common core. These are open meetings. Holding the bill will kill it. It would be great to see a bunch of familiar faces standing in the hallway wearing t-shirts showing their opposition to not letting the bill out of committee. If I were interested in going I would be in the hallway by 9:30. Just a thought.  – Assemblyman Al Graf

2 thoughts on “Common Core Action needed today – June 2, 2014”

  1. Thank you Jolyn for this blog. I m sorry today’s lobbying effort was not successful. As a parent of 5 children in our district I am appalled at how our district makes changes and does not allow parent input during the development or implementation stages. I know tomorrow’s board meeting is very important for middle school students. Major changes are happening again and our board and administration are not willing to even let us put our 2 cents in. I am hoping that teachers are as outraged as I am that only 8th graders will be taking TECHNOLOGY, I know that my youngest son will not have it in 5th 6th or 7th grade. I remember the bank I made. There will be 10 weeks of keyboarding too in 8th grade. Unfortunately, my children needed it in Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd grade at zena. So we home taught. Honestly our district is so far behind and it has become not just common but mediocre. I want the mastery my older child received k-12. Not this haphazard decision making. I m so sorry Jolyn was not elected. She would have been OUR VOICE. The teachers must stand with parents and see that we are the best advocates. Not Governor Cuomo, Not Commissioner King and definitely NOT SUPERINTENDENT DR. PAUL PADALINO. His is dismantling our school district school by school, subject by subject and special by special. I was hoping for a TRUCE this year. But this is still a HOSTILE TAKEOVER. Will you lend YOUR VOICE to the EFFORT of slowing down the CHANGES and help us EVALUATE the recommendations before they are IMPLEMENTED. WE NEED YOU!!!!! Thank you..

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