Chinese Immigrant Mother Against Common Core

Lily Williams, a Chinese immigrant mother, speaks against Common Core before the monthly meeting of the Colorado State Board of Education on November 12, 2014.

Lily says that she grew up under Mao’s regime but came to America to escape Communism.

Nationalized testing, nationalized curriculum and the nationalized indoctrination.  I grew up in that system.  I came to this country for freedom.  I can not believe this is happening all over again in this country.  I don’t know what happened to America, a shining city on a hill for freedom.  What is going on in this country?

I would like to transcribe her entire speech but it will be better if you listen to it in her own words.  Please take three minutes to hear what she has to say.

When someone who grew up in China says that we should NOT use Chinese schools/Chinese test-taking as our model, maybe America should listen?

Here is a link to the original video on Lily Williams’ facebook page.  The one above has minor formatting adjustments.