Candidates for New York State Assembly

New York State Assembly candidates from Assembly Districts 101, 102, 103 and 104 participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce this morning.  I found the discussion to be very informative and hope that the Chamber hosts a similar event for its members next year.

The video below captures the views of the various candidates for NYS assembly representing portions of Ulster County regarding Common Core. I agree with some of the views and disagree with others but watch and see what you think.

***YOUTUBE–CAMPAIGN 2014— NYS Assembly candidates from Assembly Districts 101, 102, 103 and 104 attend a breakfast in Ulster County and share their views on Common Core.– October 21, 2014 – click for video

The candidates who participated were:

I have linked each of their names to the campaign website that I found for the candidate.

Copies of the League of Women Voters of New York State 2014 Voters Guide were distributed at the Chamber breakfast (the League helped with the panel).  The Voters Guide includes information on the state level races (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller) as well as the three proposals that will be on the ballot.

I am going to end with some personal thoughts on the various candidates so stop reading now if you don’t want to hear my personal opinions.

I wanted to stand up and cheer many times during the breakfast as the different candidates spoke but everyone in the audience was being good and delaying applause so we could hear lots of questions and responses. Kevin Roberts, Sakima Green-Brown, Claudia Tenney and Peter Lopez were all very much in line with my personal views regarding Common Core and the need to get rid of it. Frank Skartados’ comment that he initially supported getting rid of Common Core but now thinks it can be fixed was disappointing. I knew that Kevin Cahill believes that the actions of the state legislature are in the right direction for fixing Common Core so was not surprised by his comments.

Sakima Green-Brown was the only candidate in attendance whom I was totally unfamiliar with.  I was very impressed by her stand regarding Common core and education in general. She has served as president of her school board and is now working as a parent advocate. Actually I liked what she said about every issue discussed not just education.  Assembly district 104 only includes a small portion of Ulster County, the towns of Lloyd and Marlboro, but I encourage all residents of those towns to check out Sakima Green-Brown’s platform.

Kevin Roberts made many statements that make me want to vote for him as the next Assemblyman for District 103 in addition to his stand against Common Core.  He stated that he has not voted to increase taxes in the county legislature and will not vote for tax increases in the state legislature.  Albany must work together for real property tax reform.  There is not going to be a Republican and a Democratic solution – must be bi-partisan and he has worked for bi-partisan solutions at the county level.  Start-up New York might look great on paper but someone (us) has to pick up the cost for those who move in and are not paying the taxes.  He will not support fracking in the state assembly.  New York needs to have 3 kinds of diplomas, STEM opportunities, full funding for special education.